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Expand Your Wardrobe With The Printed T Shirts For Girls


With the introduction of printed t shirts for girls in the market, overall styling efforts of the individuals have been reduced to some great extent. The custom-designed printed t shirts are possibly the best go-to option with which one can express creativity. To be more precise, the t shirts can be used as a canvas […]

Pearl Jewellery Is One of the Hot Fashion Trends of 2021

Pearl Jewellery

Pearl Jewellery is one of the hot fashion trends of 2021. We are only four months into the year and already the media has been filled with celebrities wearing pearls. At the US Presidential inauguration in January Pearl Jewellery was the hottest jewellery item, with Kamala Harris wearing a gold chain link and pearl necklace […]

Botox: Alternative Non-Surgical Wide Jaw Treatment

Are you unhappy about your wide jaw but afraid of a surgical procedure to correct it? Lucky for you, there is a non-invasive procedure that can help you achieve a slimmer, more defined jawline. It is called jaw contouring or a non-surgical reduction of the masseter muscle. This wide jaw treatment involves using Botox (Botulinum […]

The Anatomy of a Vegan Sneaker

Anatomy of a Sustainable Sneaker@2x

Living a wholly vegan lifestyle involves more than just abstaining from eating animal products. Vegans also embrace cruelty-free fashion and sustainable clothing.  Vegan sneakers and footwear are additional ways people can help both animals and the environment, while still looking stylish. This article includes everything shoppers need to understand the anatomy and structure of ethical, […]

3 Reasons Why You As a Retailer to Shift to Using Paper Retail Shopping Bags

shopping bags

Are you considering refocusing your retail packaging strategy and looking for eco-friendly options to overtake the current packaging plan in the next half of the year 2021? It’s a great place to start your packaging journey and begin shifting from plastic bags to buying retail shopping bags. In order to make the transition, you may […]

Which subjects are needed to understand fashion business management?

Fashion Business Management courses are typically designed for students who aspire to take up entrepreneurial careers in the field of luxury and fashion. Across the globe, fashion business is a huge and diverse industry with management and marketing professionals standing together to flourish it. Here is a list of concepts that will give you an overview of MA fashion business and […]