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Choosing gemstone jewellery for their healing powers

gemstone jewelry

Gemstone accessories are always in demand for their allure and unique charm. They create fascination in the minds of the onlookers. Every gem has a story, and some have been there from pre-historic times. The royal people had their adornments studded with these gems. Gemstone accessories have not only been worn for their exquisite beauty […]

Why is Buying Lehenga Choli Online a Good Option?

Buying Lehenga Choli Online

The ultimate choice of ethnic attire for grand celebrations like weddings and festivities, lehenga choli holds a pride of place in both the hearts and wardrobes of every modern Indian woman. A regular sighting in Bollywood movies, this stunning ensemble has been a dominant feature on the fashion charts for several years! Keeping up with […]

12 amazing Bohemian style outfit ideas for the hippie in you

Bohemian style outfit ideas

Are you tired of wearing formals to parties? Do people look at your clothes and think you too uptight? Do you lose yourself in a sea of poorly-dressed people? Then, it’s time to give your wardrobe an old-fashioned turnaround. See Bohemian style outfit ideas for the hippie in. Just throw out all the clothes you have […]

Thinking about henna tattoos or body art! But confused with the next design in trend!

Trends change every season or region by region. With every changing season, new mehndi designs come in fashion. Traditionally, henna was applied on palms and back hands and feet but the latest fashion trends include a tattoo with henna on different parts of the body. Henna tattoos are a perfect option for those who want […]