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The Anatomy of a Vegan Sneaker

Anatomy of a Sustainable Sneaker@2x

Living a wholly vegan lifestyle involves more than just abstaining from eating animal products. Vegans also embrace cruelty-free fashion and sustainable clothing.  Vegan sneakers and footwear are additional ways people can help both animals and the environment, while still looking stylish. This article includes everything shoppers need to understand the anatomy and structure of ethical, […]

Luxury Goods Market Updates: Increasing Demand from High-income Groups to Favor Growth

COVID-19 Pandemic: Surging Purchase of Essential Items to Affect Growth Negatively The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a huge toll on the global economy. The demand for luxury goods declined amid the crisis because of the inclination of people toward purchasing only essential products. Working groups have faced reduction in their salaries and loss of employment. […]