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The kurti has become a staple piece of women in India. No matter what age you are, you can always rock a kurti. A kurti is a mixture of the classical western dress and the Indian “kameez”. Through the year, there have been different implementations of the basic kurti design and almost all of them […]


Bollywood is like a whole another religion and Indian people are very close to it. The messages delivered by it, the fashion trends, etc. are followed by the people. The history of Indian clothing is also very closely related to the trends in Bollywood. Before independence, a large majority of Indian women were aware only […]

Why or how to choose jewelry that suits you the best?


There is something magical in the beauty of jewelry. Every mother, wife, sister and daughter looks great with precious jewelry that is handpicked to their personal choice. Every piece of jewelry is the result of passion and artwork of a dedicated artisan. There is no beauty in a block of gold that can rival the […]

5 Latest Jumpsuits That Will Replace Your Dresses Forever

5 Latest Jumpsuits That Will Replace Your Dresses Forever

When going for a date night or a house party, what kind of clothing comes to your mind first? We are sure that most of you will think of a dress. Well, that was before. Nowadays, women would think of jumpsuits. It’s a one-piece outfit just like a dress but more comfortable and fashionable. However, […]

5 Most Expensive Ladies Handbags in the World

Mouawad Nights Diamond Purse

Women fashion is not complete without so many things. Among one such essential fashion accessory is a handbag. It was way back in the 20th century when purses were introduced for ladies since then these have continued to become the most integral part of any women fashion attire. Ladies from all sorts of grounds buy […]