Pearl Jewellery Is One of the Hot Fashion Trends of 2021

Pearl Jewellery

Pearl Jewellery is one of the hot fashion trends of 2021. We are only four months into the year and already the media has been filled with celebrities wearing pearls. At the US Presidential inauguration in January Pearl Jewellery was the hottest jewellery item, with Kamala Harris wearing a gold chain link and pearl necklace designed by New York designer Wilfred Rosaldo, a stylish Hip Hop inspired necklace that is only one item in her reputed $20,000 Pearl Jewellery collection. The youth poet Amanda Gorman carried out her recital wearing a Pearl Ring, and Jennifer Lopez was wearing stunning statement Pearl Earrings. 
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Pearls have become the go to item of jewellery not just for formal events but also for casual wear and celebrities sporting pearls, such as the model Gigi Hadid, has often featured in the media sporting a Pearl Necklace with a t-shirt , a baseball cap or ripped jeans. In 2021 Pearls should be worn with everything.

In March publicity for the upcoming movie House Of Gucci featured the star Lady Gaga wearing a stylish Baroque Coin Pearl Necklace, a style of necklace we expect will become very popular when the movie is released this summer.

One of the over-arching jewellery trends these celebrities are picking up on is a move this year to bold jewellery designs, with necklaces featuring large colourful beads, heavy chains and layering remain part of current fashions. The days when pearls were used as a representation of femininity, purity and innocence are gone, and pearls are being used by a new younger female audience to show their empowerment and irreverence.

Perhaps the most surprising Pearl Jewellery trend this year has been the rapid rise of Pearl Necklaces for Men. At the Brit Music Awards at the end of 2019 we saw the popstar Harry Styles accessorize his outfit with both a Pearl Necklace and a Pearl Earring, and this trend accelerated during 2020 so that as we entered 2021 we have seen an explosion in male pearl jewellery. It’s no longer just Harry Styles changing conventions, but also Pharrell Williams, Shawn Mendes and the rapper A$AP Rocky, plus many more singers and actors. Fashion designers have been quick to react and men in pearls have featured on the catwalks for Dior,Palomo Spain, Gucci, Ryan Roche and Alexander McQueen. At Pearl Jewellery Online we’ve supplied male models with Pearl Necklaces this Spring and are making Pearls for Men part of our offering.

In 2021 one of the most fashionable types of Pearl are large Baroque Pearls which with their natural asymmetric shapescan be used to create unique items of jewellery. The trend for Single Pearl Earrings is growing in popularity and a large single Baroque Pearl Drop Earring is the perfect statement piece. Mismatched earrings remain popular and we have seen customers pair a Black Pearl Stud with a Black Biwa Pearl Earring for a stylish mismatch look, however the beauty if mismatching is that everyone can create their own irreverent combinations. Large Baroque Pearl Necklaces, which can be found in a wide range of colours, perfectly capture the fashion for large colourful beads and look great with any outfit.

The fashion for Pearls is hitting a new younger audience, and they are wearing Pearl Jewellery in ways that break with tradition, it is a trend that is gathering pace and looks like it is here to stay for a while, so now would be a great time to add Pearls to your shopping list and to be bold in your fashion choices.

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