What Does an Animal Health Recruiter Do?

Animal health recruiters hire qualified candidates for companies within the animal health industry. They recruit experts for roles related to animal healthcare, pharmaceuticals, biologics, diagnostics, nutrition, and biopharmaceuticals. Here are some things an animal health talent acquisition specialist does:

Candidate Sourcing

Animal health recruiters identify and attract top-tier candidates for vacant positions within the animal health industry. They can create detailed job descriptions for open positions and post them on various platforms, such as job boards, company websites, and professional networking sites. These experts can also use social media platforms to search for candidates with relevant profiles, experience, and expertise.

Recruiters establish relationships with academic institutions offering programs in animal health-related fields. They attend career fairs, give presentations, and engage with students and faculty members to identify suitable candidates. Recruiters with knowledge of animal health can source the right candidates based on their skills and qualifications.

Candidate Evaluation

Recruiters assess candidates’ veterinary knowledge, skills, and experience to hire exceptional talent. The process includes evaluating their understanding of animal anatomy, physiology, diseases, treatment protocols, diagnostic procedures, and surgical techniques. They also assess candidates’ experience and knowledge of specific species to verify they have the skills to address those animals’ healthcare challenges.

Animal health products, including veterinary drugs, vaccines, and diagnostics, are liable to regulatory requirements. Talent acquisition specialists gauge candidates’ understanding of animal health product regulations, such as those set by the Food and Drug Administration. They also assess a candidate’s ability to handle animals compassionately, minimize animal stress, and improve their well-being throughout healthcare.

Talent Screening and Interviewing

An animal health recruiter reviews candidates’ resumes to assess their educational background, work experience, certifications, and licenses. They can contact provided references, previous employers, or supervisors to substantiate a candidate’s qualifications, work performance, and character. Some recruiters perform background checks on potential candidates to determine if they meet legal and professional requirements.

After that, talent-sourcing experts conduct in-person, phone, or video interviews to check if they have suitable candidates. They can also administer technical assessments to evaluate candidates’ practical knowledge and skills. A candidate can also be asked to perform certain veterinary procedures during interviews to determine their expertise and experience.

Offer Negotiation and Onboarding

Once recruiters find a suitable candidate for animal health-related roles, they can facilitate the negotiation and onboarding process. They collaborate with the hiring managers and HR departments to determine a competitive salary and benefits package for the selected candidate. They consider the candidate’s qualifications, experience, market trends, and the company’s budget. If a candidate needs to relocate for the position, recruiters can assist in coordinating and negotiating relocation benefits.

During onboarding, recruiters can provide information about the organization’s mission, values, policies, and procedures. They also introduce the candidate to the team and key stakeholders, facilitating early connections and networking opportunities.

Work With Experienced Animal Health Recruiters

Partner with qualified animal health recruiters with industry knowledge to help you hire top talent. They keep up with market trends, innovation, and technologies to source, evaluate, screen, and interview candidates. With their communication skills, these experts can handle the negotiation and onboarding process effectively.