Eyelash Extension Business Plan

Planning how to start your own eyelash extension business? This is a great idea because the eyelash extension business has is becoming popular and is among the fastest-growing zone in the beauty industry. This eyelash business includes both classic eyelash (where one lash extension is glued to one natural lash) and volume eyelash (where multiple lashes are glued to one natural lash) extension business. You can make good money from this business but if you will follow a good business plan. To have a good business plan, you have to start somewhere and in this article, we will discuss some important tips that one can use to make a successful business plan.

Create business plan

Creating a business plan does not mean your plan needs to have many pages on market research and financial analysis. It simply means how you want to start and grow your business. A good business plan should cover the following points.

  • Brief description of your business
  • Marketing strategy
  • The legal structure of your business
  • Startup cost

Business location

Your level of success depends on the location that you will choose for starting your eyelash extension business. You should choose a location where your competitors are low and the number of clients looking for that particular service is high. Fashion trends are mostly followed in major cities so your business should be located in urban areas.

Hiring employees

It is an important step to determine whether you are going to handle this business alone or you will need a partner to handle it and also it depends on your expertly level. If you are professional and have enough experience then you can handle the business alone but if you think there will be a need for someone to help you grow this business then you have to decide first how many employees you will need to handle the things effectively. You will also need to decide whether you will give them the commission or will pay them on daily basis. 

Services charges

Before welcoming customers, you will need to plan how much you will charge your customers for certain services. The best way is to charge a bit less than other people offering similar services in the market. This will help the customers and will insist them to visit you again and again.

An estimate of how much you can earn 

For accurate estimation, you need to do market research. It means you should gather information about your potential customers, your competitors in the market with complete information regarding your industry. You should know how much money it will take to start the business and how much you will earn from this business. 

Right tools and suppliers

To have a good understanding of the right tools and suppliers, you will need to research the market and find out the best deals available. There are various tools and supplies that include eyelash extension tap, lash brushes, tweezers, high-quality lashes, primer and micro brushes, eye pads, and eyelash adhesive removers. Having all these tools will give your business a professional look that will attract more clients.

Marketing your eyelash extension business

Getting potential clients should be an important part of your business plan. Now, there are various ways by which you can do that. 

You can start a partnership with wedding planners and photographers and ask them to promote your business to the clients. In this way, you will get many clients that will benefit you. Also, you can arrange seminars at high schools and colleges, where you can promote your eyelash extension business effectively. You can also start a loyalty program where you will award your clients based on their loyalty (i.e how often they visited you) and how many new clients they bring to you