How to choose jewelry for a lehenga

I often see how excited girls become while purchasing or buying lehenga. It is not wrong to say that the lehenga represents our Indian culture and is a popular ethnic wear for many girls. From common people to gig fashionistas all seem to be big fans of this outfit. Whether you are a bride or you wanted it to wear on any family occasion, the lehenga fits every situation. 

Well! There is no doubt that a lehenga looks simply perfect but you can also not deny the fact that wearing a lehenga alone will not make a big difference. If you want to outshine your look, you will have to match up a perfect Jewellery. You must have seen top showstoppers wearing lehenga with suitable jewelry to enhance their beauty. Thinking about the jewelry and making planning won’t work much. You have to go and purchase the right and best-suited option for you. As there are no limitations on the designs of jewelry so it becomes a tiring task to pick the right fit for your lehenga. If you want to look flattering then you should always choose the Jewellery which compliments your attire. 

I have seen many people struggling in choosing the right jewelry designs and often end up picking the wrong one. This confusion is the problem of many and is the sole reason behind writing this article. Today! I will be sharing some useful tips for my readers about how to choose jewelry for a lehenga. Let’s get started- 

Way to choose the best jewelry for a lehenga 

Choosing the best jewelry which matches your lehenga could be an easy task if you follow some basic rules. The rules are simple and will help you in smart shopping. Always keep in mind that the jewelry you are choosing must complement your lehenga. Gold, diamonds, and kundans sets are some of the most common jewelry sets that women use for styling. But still, if you are confused, then here are some simple steps to choose jewelry- 

  • Pick Matching Jewelry with Lehenga

The first thing that you should keep in mind is that the jewelry which you are choosing should go well with your lehenga. You need to understand that no matter how beautiful your lehenga is if you are not wearing matching Jewellery then it might hamper your look. You should remember to choose only those Jewely which match your lehenga. For example- if you are wearing a pastel or peach color lehenga then you can choose silver or gold jewelry. You should always buy jewelry according to the color of the lehenga. 

  • Choose Jewelry According to the Embroidery of your Lehenga

Another best way to choose jewelry for a lehenga is according to the work and embroidery. As you know there are different designs of lehenga available in the market. Some have heavy embroidery while some have lite embroidery. So! Whenever you are going to buy jewelry apart from the color focus on the embroidery too. For example, if your lehenga is having heavy work on the neckline, then instead of choosing the heavy necklace you can go for wearing heavy earrings which will complete your look. Also, you can choose to wear light jewelry on heavy lehenga as shown in the figure and heavy design jewelry on less embroidered lehenga. 

  • Choosing a Contrasting Jewelry will be a Good Idea 

Today, wearing contrasting jewelry is a trend and it looks quite good too. It is a unique way of styling that not only enhances your overall look but also helps you to gain a lot of appreciation. All you have to do is to find the contrasting color for your lehenga and search for the perfect jewelry. For example –

  1. blue and golden and silver color jewelry for a red and pink lehenga with slight blue touch 
  1. For green and violet lehenga choose colors like silver, gold, and maroon color jewelry.  Saffron color jewelry will look good on green lehenga too. 
  1. For saffron color lehenga choose dark green color jewelry to enhance your look. 
  1. If your lehenga is having pearl embroidery then you can go for multicolor jewelry. 

Each occasion has its own story and the same goes for our jewelry too. What jewelry you are wearing tells much about your personality and also your entire look depends on the type of jewelry you are wearing. Here are some important points regarding the importance of jewelry that everyone should know- 

Importance of Jewelry

Jewelry is often purchased to complete your look and in my view too, a look is incomplete without any jewelry. Different Jewelry has its own story and conveys different messages like – wisdom, prosperity, and security. They are worn as a style statement. Many high-profile women wear heavy and costly jewelry to show their social status.  The importance of wearing jewelry is many which I am sharing with you in the coming points- 

  • For every occasion, you need jewelry to add extra glitter to the enjoyment. What’s the best example is Diwali, where people buy a piece of Jewellery to welcome the goddess, Lakshmi.  Ain’t that add extra glitters to your pooja and prayers? Even if you are out to attend some occasions, then you cannot step out without wearing Jewelry as it will complete your look.
  • Our elders always advise us to utilize our money on buying good things and make smart investments. You know with each passing time, the price of gold, silver, and diamond are touching the skies, and this is the best way to invest your money.  If you have money then buying Jewelry would be a smart choice.
  • Suppose you are at any function without wearing any jewelry and people around you are well-maintained and dressed up. How would you feel? Embarrassed is the word. Yes! Ultimately you will start losing self-confidence and being embarrassed. Therefore, wearing jewelry not only makes your look complete but also boosts your confidence level. 
  • We all know and agree on the fact that women love gifts and Jewelry. If you want to make your wife, friend, sister, or mother happy then you can gift them a piece of jewelry and just watch how happy they turn out when receiving such gifts. 

We understand that choosing the perfect jewelry is not everyone’s cup of tea. This article will give you all the information about how you should decide that certain jewelry will suit your lehenga and also teach you its importance. Reading this article, we are sure that next time you will face fewer issues and will be less confused while selecting jewelry. 

Good Luck!