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Choosing gemstone jewellery for their healing powers

gemstone jewelry

Gemstone accessories are always in demand for their allure and unique charm. They create fascination in the minds of the onlookers. Every gem has a story, and some have been there from pre-historic times. The royal people had their adornments studded with these gems. Gemstone accessories have not only been worn for their exquisite beauty […]

What are the Lab-created diamonds and natural diamonds for Jewelry?


Most people think that lab diamonds are some diamond simulants. However, this is not the case. Lab diamonds are also real diamonds similar to their natural counterparts in their chemical and optical properties. Then what’s the difference? Which one should I prefer – A lab-created diamond or a natural diamond? Lab-created diamonds do not require […]

Ultimate guide to buying rings that will help you choose the best wedding ring

best wedding ring

You have an engagement ring (after a few tips for sure), now it’s time to choose the right wedding ring – and we have all the help you need. Before you say, “I’m going to make the perfect wedding ring.” check out our guide to all the main factors you need to consider. Limit your […]