How to look attractive with short-height girls

Is it necessary that only girls with good height will look good and those with short height won’t? Well if you will ask me, it is not at all important to have a good height to look good. I can give you various examples of women who are short in height but are fashion icons and are equally successful in their careers. Jaya Bachchan, Shakira, Alia Bhatt, Neha Kakkar, etc. 

These examples are more than enough for you to understand that height plays no role in your looks and success. You must have seen them looking gorgeous, tall, and elegant.

So! Have you ever thought about the thing which marks the difference? One thing I want to draw your attention to is that these divas took care of what they wear. Yes! You get it right. It is their dressing sense which makes the difference.

Having a short height does not mean that you can’t look good and attractive. With the right strategies, you can be anyone’s apple of the eye. If your height is less than 5’3 then here are some life-changing tips for you to excel in your look.

Tip 1- Wear well-fitted outfits for short-height women

You cannot become taller than those whose claims are baseless and pointless. But there is something which you can do which will make you look taller and smarter. The very first tip is to wear well-fitted outfits. Wearing fitted outfits will give some edge and a taller appearance. Also, it will give a very nice fitting. Doing little changes in your wardrobe will make a big difference.

Stop wearing loose, baggy outfits like loose shirts, tunics, kaftans, etc, as they will make you look a little shorter than your height and graceless. Instead, buy those outfits which will mark the difference in your look.

Tip 2- Avoid wearing outfits that are layered

Layered dresses are in trend these days. 80 out of 100 girls are following a trend of wearing layered outfits. But layered outfits go well with long heights. But when it comes to short height, layered outfits just do not go well. Since they are layered, these outfits can make you appear short by dividing your body structure into segments.

As a better alternative, you can wear fitted trousers with jackets or pullovers which will enhance your look and make you look attractive and stylish. Avoid wearing layered Kurtis, skirts, lehenga, etc.

Tip 3- Wear short-length outfits to look taller

Short outfits will make your height look elongated which will add grace to your look. For example- if you wear a short dress, it will only make you look good but also will make your legs look taller. Not only a short dress but also if you wear a short length suit or ankle length pants, it will make you look taller and more refined.

If you are short height, you can wear dresses like shorts, short skirts, mini dresses, etc.

Tip 4- choose the correct neckline

The neckline plays a very important role in enhancing one’s look. Wearing V-neck dresses will give you a vertical impression, making you look taller and longer. V neck goes well with all body types. No matter, whether you are skinny or a plus size choosing V-neck clothes will always add extra grace to your look.

Also, do not forget to show your neckline, as this is one of those elements which will make you look taller. You look even shorter when you add extra heavy jewelry to complete your look. If you are short heighted girl, you must avoid earring those heavy accessories on your neck.

Tip 5- Wear High waist outfits

Wearing high-waist outfits will enhance your natural curves and give your body some extra length. Not only this, but it will also make your legs look longer than before. To add extra glam to your look you can wear I by tucking cool shirts or T-shirts. Not only this, but it will also make you look slimmer and also helps to tuck in your belly fat.

Tip 6- Style solid outfits to look elongate

Wearing single-color outfits is one of the biggest trends of the year. If you are short-heighted, then you can use a monochrome look to dress up in. it will create an extra edge to your look, which will elongate and give you an illusion of height irrespective of your body shape.

Not only this, it will uplift your mood by adding some dimensions and depth to your attire. You can wish to dress up in suits, co-ord sets, blazers, etc.

Tip 7- maintain the sleeve proportion

You can slay your look by wearing sleeves of the right proportion. Yes, you heard it right. Short-heighted girls should choose their attire very wisely. Sleeves mark a great difference. It can make you look clumsy and dull or can make you look graceful and attractive. Some tremendous designs can make even a simple outfit look woo.

For example, if you are wearing an ethnic dress, you can try to glam up your look by adding elbow sleeves, cap sleeves, or without sleeves. To slay in a party look you can try noodles strap or half sleeves. Puffed sleeves are also in fashion, but since your height is short, such a pattern won’t complement you.

Tip 8- Hairdo and Jewelry tips for short-height girls

Not only dresses but the kind of Jewellery you are wearing or your hairstyle can mark a great difference in your overall personality. If you are having long hair, you can go for a layer cut, to add volume to your look. Similarly, a bob-cut style will go great with girls having short hair. Not only this, but if you can add some extra inches to your look, you can make a high ponytail or a high bun.

Taking about the jewelry, then I must say that heavy jewelry does not go well with short height. Try to wear minimal jewelry which makes your neck look elongated and ultimately makes you a little taller than you are. Try to wear a simple single chain instead of layered or heavy jewelry.

Tip 9- Wear tiny and vertical prints

Whenever you are going to buy some clothes, try to choose tiny or vertical patterns of clothes. Prints and patterns play a very important role in enhancing your overall look. The very good thing about vertical prints is that they will make you look slimmer and taller.

Clothes with heavy prints and patterns should be avoided in general as they will make you look wide and also make you look shorter.

Tip 10- Wear your confidence

The very last tip which I want to give you that, always wear your confidence wherever you go. People try to pull down the one with no confidence. Accept that you are 5’6 inches tall but remember you are who you are and love yourself in anyways. Your confidence will make you stand unique irrespective of your height.

Having a short height is not at all a problem, how you carry yourself is. Apart from following the above tips, you can complete your look by wearing heels, and wedges that will increase your inches and make you look taller. You can also keep your nails longer which will add some extra edge and make you look graceful.

I know how much height matters for girls, and following these styling tips will enhance your look. But always remember that these tips only work well when you will be confident enough. So! Try to boost your confidence level and see what a great difference it will make.