6 Intriguing Men’s Shoe Styles To Impress Your Boyfriend

Shoes are the first thing that creates a strong impression for men, and to achieve a perfect look, choosing stylish shoes is required. If you are planning to surprise your boyfriend with an exciting gift, what else could be the best option other than impeccable men’s shoes? There are umpteen shoe choices available for men of all ages and sizes. Before investing in comfortable dress shoes for men, you need to understand your boyfriend’s dressing style. Since shoe types will help show off the desired look with elegance. Now, let’s explore the latest shoe trends that are popular among fashionable men. 

Oxford Shoes

Dress shoes for men are inevitable, and from getting ready for a party night to any formal occasion, every man needs a shiny pair of dress shoes to appear attractive. Wearing a finesse shoe to elevate his regular outfit look is essential. To begin with the dress shoes, oxford shoes are the classic kinds with the highlighted vamp and a sleek look. Gift your boyfriend with a cap-toe oxford in premium quality leather to add a glam appeal to the look. If your boyfriend is an office goer, picking the unique Oxford shoes for him would be a great decision. 


If you are looking for a fantastic oxford shoe collection for men, Bruno Marc oxfords are one of the good options.  Bruno Marc sells durable oxford shoes that are made with shock-absorbent soles and it offers superior stability. Moreover, you can find formal, casual, and party-wear shoes for men in a variety of colors. In short, check out the shoes from the brand to impress your male friends. 


If you are not sure of your boyfriend’s taste in shoes, gifting him a pair of nice sneakers would be a better option. They are comfy and snuggly shoes for any weather and mostly fit into a casual tone. But it can be worn for semi-casual occasions where you need to keep an eye on shoe colors. From gym sessions to casual hangouts, sturdy sneakers are worth it. While choosing the ideal sneakers for your boyfriend, ensure they are flexible and breathable to ensure coziness. Especially if your boyfriend is an athletic person, investing in good running shoes with essential cushioning and support can impress him. 



Brogues are a great addition to any men’s wardrobe, and they are not only used for formal occasions but also can be worn for semi-casual events. There are several types of brogues available, from semi-brogues to brogues. The main key is to pay attention to the shade; the darker it looks, it suits the formal occasion. Gift your boyfriend with a wonderful pair of semi-brogue shoes so that your boyfriend can pull off the effortless look for a black tie event. Also, when it comes to shoe structure, the brogues are heftier than usual dress shoes. Moreover, they are constructed with slip-resistant rubber soles that make them more unique than other dress shoes available. 

Hiking Boots

If your boyfriend is a hiker, getting a sturdy pair of hiking boots would be beneficial for him. For inclement weather time, what else could be the right option other than hiking boots for your boyfriends? If you are planning to get durable hiking boots, check for outsoles, insoles, and midsoles. Also, it is essential to ensure good traction and flexibility while buying the ideal hiking boots for your friend. For a flawless finish, opt for leather hiking boots with rigid material that is warm enough to wear during harsh weather. 


If your boyfriend is a nonchalant person, go for suede loafers that accentuate the casualness of the overall appeal. By wearing slip-on loafers, your boyfriend will be achieving the fancy look. And loafers are the right choice for spring to summer months, and they can be effortlessly paired with polo shirts and shorts for a classy look. There are several types of loafers available, and few of which are such as penny loafers, horse-bit loafers, and tassel loafers. Though loafers can be worn for versatile occasions such as semi-formal, casual, and party events. The material of the shoe, the color, and the detail of the shoe set the tone. Therefore, select an appropriate shoe that syncs with your boyfriend’s fashion. 


Mules are cozy shoes that come with an easy slip-on option. With no fastenings present, it is effortless to remove the laces that make them useful for air travel. If your boyfriend is a traveler, gifting him a great pair of slip-on breathable shoes would be the perfect choice. You can find the mules available in rubber, suede, and leather materials of which each has a purpose of their own. Also, the mules don’t have a platform base that leads to a higher heel look. If your boyfriend is fond of wearing stylish mules for office occasions, give him a pair of black slip-on mules with minimal heels. 

Final Thoughts

In the changing style trend, it might be hard to keep up with the latest fashion. That’s why we have crafted this article to discuss the must-have shoes for men. And each shoe style explicitly shows off your boyfriend’s personality and helps him appear confident. From loafers to boots, you can find umpteen styles of shoes available for men in different shades. To impress your boyfriend, choose a style that matches your boyfriend’s fashion sense and fits into his daily shoe needs. Good luck with the search.