What Specialists Help With IVF Failure?

IVF Failure

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is the procedure of implanting an embryo into the uterus for conception. It can help couples who have had difficulty conceiving naturally. Couples may experience IVF failure due to several reasons, but there are various fertility specialists who can increase their chances of successful conception.

What Experts Help With IVF Failure?

After experiencing IVF failure, you may be searching for specialists to help you determine your next steps. The best experts to seek out will be different depending on the specifics of your situation and the possible causes of the IVF problems. If you’re already working with a reproductive specialist who is assisting you with IVF, they may be the best person to ask about who to see next. Here is more information about specialists who may be able to assist with IVF failure:

1. Reproductive Endocrinologists (RE)

If you’re receiving IVF treatment, you likely already have a reproductive endocrinologist that you’ve been working with. As someone who already knows a lot about your experiences, health, and possible reasons for IVF failure, they are a great resource. The RE’s special training and knowledge may help examine the causes of IVF failure in your specific case. They specialize in identifying and managing hormone and hormone-producing gland-related issues that can complicate pregnancies. REs are trained in obstetrics and gynecology. The specialization and training offer greater comprehension of the female reproductive system. They can examine past IVF rounds and make changes depending on your egg quality, quantity, or age to determine potential causes of IVF issues.

REs are a great first point of contact because they can perform various tests to investigate potential causes of IVF issues. They can also take their prior knowledge of your health and make informed decisions about where to refer you for further care.

2. Embryologists

Embryologists specialize in embryo study and manipulation. Their medical focus is on understanding events and mechanisms related to embryogenesis. This is the process through which an embryo begins to grow through and after fertilization. An embryologist may give some insight into potential IVF issues related to the formation and growth of the embryo. Possible causes include issues with cell division, differentiation, or organogenesis. They can recommend egg quality assessments and other tests which can impact future IVF strategies.

3. Genetic Counselors

After repeated failed cycles, a genetic counselor may be able to help you assess genetic reasons affecting embryo implantation and growth. Such experts can propose genetic tests to identify problems. They can diagnose prevalent genetic irregularities, like gene mutations, that may complicate IVF cycles. Karyotyping or preimplantation genetic testing (PGT) can help detect possible genetic anomalies affecting your procedures. 

4. Andrologist

Andrologists specialize in analyzing, treating, and managing ailments related to male reproductive health. Andrologists may assess male factor fertility by checking sperm quality, quantity, and function. Such sperm parameters may indicate sperm disorders linked to mobility or quality. They can propose lifestyle changes like healthy eating, exercise, or minimizing alcohol intake to improve sperm quality and count. 

5. Reproductive Immunologist

In some cases, autoimmune disorders can prevent embryo implantation. Diseases like systemic sclerosis trigger disproportionate collagen production, which can result in fibrosis. The condition can impact the uterine structure and minimize receptiveness to embryo implantation. Reproductive immunologists assess the relationship between the reproductive and immune systems. They can conduct antibody testing to identify immune interactions like antiphospholipid syndrome. 

Get Assistance With IVF Failure Today

Various personal factors such as autoimmune disorders or other pre-existing health conditions may contribute to IVF failure. Your reproductive endocrinologist can help you determine the next steps and refer you to other fertility specialists who can assist you. Consult a fertility specialist near you to book an appointment.

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