5 Things to Consider When Looking For A Flawless Lace Wig

We’re all looking for that perfect hairstyle that makes every outfit pop and heads turn. Lace wigs give you a flawless look and are available in various styles and colors. 

Favorites like the Latisha or the Glenna Wig Sensationnel will provide you with long, voluminous curls that fall down your back. While others, like the Outre Sabrina and the Sensationnel Anisha, have a short and sleek look. When picking out a lace wig, here are five essential things to consider.

1.  What Hairstyle Do You Want?

Lace wigs are now available in a wide range of different styling options and colors to choose from. Most of these wigs are moderately priced, allowing you to purchase additional styles that will change up your look in a flash.

Choose Your Wig Length

Start with what length you want your lace wig to be: short, on the shoulders, long, or even longer!

What Texture to Choose

Now, do you want straight or curly? Because with lace wigs, you get those and everything in between!

Finally, Which Color?

It’s common for lace wigs to come in several color options, even non-natural colors! Be sure to consider what colors go well with your skin tone so you don’t dull out your face.

2.  Wig Construction and Durability

An essential point to consider is the construction and durability of the wig you’re looking at. When cared for properly, high-quality lace wigs made from premium materials can last one to two years. Look into the details of your wig selections and read any reviews available, and you will get a better idea of the quality and longevity of the wig.

Type of Lace:

When looking at the details, check what type of lace the wig uses. Different types of lace have their own advantages and disadvantages. High Definition Lace gives natural hair density and looks for a moderate price. Swiss and French Lace have more robust durability and extremely real-looking hair. However, their price point can be a turn-off.

Type of Hair:

You have the option of synthetic hair or real hair. With premium synthetic hair, you get excellent styling at a fraction of the cost. You can also find pre-plucked wig options that give your hairline a more natural density look. Real hair options are beautiful, but they require much care and maintenance to get the most out of these wigs.

3. Care and Maintenance of Your Lace Wig

If you’re considering a lace wig, spending time on maintenance is crucial. To keep your lace wig looking flawless, use these care tips: 

Detangle Your Wig:

Using your fingers or a wide-tooth comb, gently start at your tips and work your way up, detangling as you go.

Wash the Hair Gently:

Avoid products that use harsh chemicals. Gently shampoo your wig in cold or lukewarm water, followed by conditioning.

Careful with the Lace:

When handling the lace cap, especially while washing, be extremely careful to prevent stretching or fraying. You can use a spray bottle with water to avoid soaking the lace.

Towel Dry and Air Dry:

It’s best to avoid extreme heat sources as this can damage the hair. Take a towel and pat dry your lace wig, making sure not to rub the hair strands.

Store Properly to Preserve Your Look:

Using a wig head will help maintain your lace wig’s shape. Keep it in place with some T-pins, and avoid tangling.

Avoid Excessive Washing:

Regular washing can lead to wear and tear on your wig. Keeping several lace wigs like the Glenna Wig Sensationnel allows you to rotate and keep each hairstyle looking fresh!

4. Benefits of A Lace Wig

Finally, consider the benefits of a lace wig. You get a naturally flawless look with little effort. Each strand of hair is hand-tied to the lace cap, making it look like the hair is naturally growing from your scalp. You also get comfort that lasts. A lace cap is light and breathable, allowing for comfortable all-day use.

5. Non-Stop Compliments with The Glenna Wig Sensationnel

One exceptional lace wig to consider is our favorite Glenna Wig Sensationnel, which is available in 11 beautiful color shades. You’ll be amazed by the incredible quality of this wig, with its baby hair carefully crafted along a perfect hairline. The Glenna is a protective style, with no leave-out necessary, styled and cut at a 24″ length. It also comes pre-plucked to give it a natural density look. With a 13″ x 6″ Ear-to-Ear with a 6″ deep hand-tied and is very reasonably priced.

A Beautiful Lace Wig for A Flawless Look

Perfecting that naturally flawless look is every woman’s dream, but styling time and maintenance sometimes don’t take precedence in our lives. The wig options allow us to completely customize our look, even on a daily basis, if we want to! Whether it’s the Glenna Wig Sensationnel or a different lace wig, now you know how to choose the right one for you.

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