Best Lingerie Shades To Wear Fall 2023

The color of your clothes can be highly symbolic. Color represents your style and personality. A red shirt can indicate confidence. Blues, regularly worn by the royal family, signify calmness or patriotism.

People may not see your lingerie, but subconsciously, the color of your bras and underwear can be quite powerful. Here are some trendy colors for fall.


The color burgundy represents ambition, power and sophistication. Burgandy is a deeper shade of true red, symbolizing individuality. Burgandy lingerie would stand out under summer clothing, but heavier sweaters and pants would hide the color of your lingerie while giving you the opportunity to make a statement to yourself. This color is trending this fall, so add it to your wardrobe.

Navy Blue

Blue is a conservative color that represents tradition. Navy blue is often referred to as marine blue, since it has represented the English Navy for centuries. This darker shade won’t attract the same attention as brighter hues, but it commands authority. Choose navy blue panties for women to wear under your skirts or jeans this fall to make you feel reliable and authoritative.


According to Marie Claire, grays are on trend for fall 2023. Most people associate gray with loneliness, but it is a color of intellect and balance. Gray represents the midpoint between white and black. It can be the color of compromise. Choose gray lingerie to represent the wisdom you have for making the best choices. Gray is a sophisticated monochromatic look that can make you feel peaceful and serene.

Salted Caramel

Marie Claire calls salted caramel the signature of fall. This orange-brown shade represents sweetness and satisfaction. It’s a sophisticated color that symbolizes steadiness. Salted caramel can complement any skin tone, but it does tend to bring out the yellow hue in your skin, making you appear more radiant. Even if no one else notices, you can feel more confident wearing salted caramel lingerie.


White may be the old standby when it comes to lingerie, but there’s a good reason many women stick with white. White lingerie is classic for weddings, representing purity and innocence. Beyond that white represents perfection and minimalism. A white bra is a clean and fresh palette that works under any shirt without feeling like you’re clashing with your clothes.

The Best Color For Any Season

Today’s lingerie comes in a wide variety of colors and styles. The best color for you is what makes you feel good. If that’s a pastel pink of spring, go for it. If you love a jade green that makes you think of summer, rock it out. Enjoy the holly red of Christmas? Don’t hesitate. The most important thing when choosing lingerie is to choose something that fits well. Read through Third Love reviews to understand why fit is the first thing you should think about when buying lingerie. Choose colors that represent your style and flare once you have the right fit. Be more comfortable in your bras and panties to feel more confident in your routine.