8 Best Dresses for Short Girls

You always wanted to have something which you lack. You have to believe me on this when I say that short girls dream of having a taller appearance in public. No, matter how beautiful you are inside and out but you always crave that height. Eventually, you know height is something which can’t be increased in a day, but with the right clothing, this can be achieved. A good height is another definition of you being pretty and smart. But! Is it so? Well! If you will ask me about the same, I will say that height doesn’t matter until you know how to carry yourself gracefully.

But, for those girls who are conscious about their height, this article will surely goanna help them in their transformation. I have seen short girls wearing high heels for getting those extra inches but if you will ask me, there is still another way that will make you look taller and smarter. You might be thinking what is it? Well! This could be achieved by correct dressing.

In this article, I will be telling you different dressing styles which will add an extra edge to your look. Let’s have a look at them-

  • Fit and Flare dresses

Fit and flare dress will look amazing on all short-height girls and indeed is a game changer. Well in my view it enhances your look. The fitted upper body and the narrowing waist give an amazing look to all body types. They not just fit you the best but also give you a slimmer and more tailored look. One thing I would like to mention is that such dresses never go out of fashion and is versatile. You can pair it with a nice jacket to enhance your look or simply wear it in case of a casual look. If you are short then try to go for dresses whose length is 3-4 inches above your knee which will give you an illusion of taller height upon wearing.

  • Wrap Dresses

Secondly, I would like to advise you to wear wrap dresses to fight your short-height insecurities. Wrap dresses are known for giving you a slimmer look by adding or enhancing your curves. The best thing I like about these dresses is that they are for all age groups. There are various options available in the market, to choose from. This easy-to-wear dress will give you elongated look and make you feel a little taller. Wrap dresses go well with casual as well as with party look. So next time when you go shopping does not forget to buy yourself a wrap dress.

  • Empire Waistline Dresses

Empire waistline dresses look extremely flattering on all short heighted women. Wearing these dresses will give a slimming and lengthening effect as it drapes out under your bustline. In my view, whether you are short in height or belong to a plus-size body shape, you can rely on it. It gives you that feminine look that you always wanted to have. Empire Waistline Dresses are very much in trend for the reason that they are extremely versatile and you can wear them for all occasions. This Neoclassical era originated dress is the favorite of many girls including me.

  • Belted Dresses

Many of you don’t prefer to wear a belted dress. But, talking about the latest trends, belts are so much in fashion. Well! You might be wondering the reason to mention this dress in the list, so here I am giving you all the useful knowledge. Wearing a belted dress will give you a breakup look and turn even a simple solid dress into an eye-catching dress that gives a completely different vibe. It is a fact that we cannot change our body shape and structure. But with a draping belt in the right way you can make things work out. They make your legs look longer which will give you some extra length. Try to choose a belt that goes best with your dress. It also helps you to create a defined waistline

  • Maxi Dresses

Don’t be very much surprised to see a maxi dress on our list. If you are conscious about your short height then styling you in a maxi dress will be the right option to go for. Maxi dress is always a good choice for girls who wanted to look trendy and classic. Wearing a maxi dress will enhance your curve and makes your leg look elongated. This easy-breezy, easy-to-carry dress is a popular choice for many girls out there. One thing that you need to know is that, while selecting a maxi dress you always select small pretty prints that should be of the right length.

  • Lacey Dresses

Another dress that looks simply perfect on short heighted girls is a lacey dress. Well! Generally, I advise short girls to keep themselves away from long flowy dresses as it might end up making them look even shorter than their actual height, but that doesn’t mean that they have to boycott it completely. Talking about lacey dresses, they are just perfect for short heighted girls because of the reason that they are made up of lacey fabric which catches everyone’s attention. Not only this, wearing lacey dresses will make your leg look elongated which is quite a good deal for petite girls.

  • Dress with Slits

Slit dresses are not new but are one of the best choices for all petite girls out there. The main purpose of the slit in a dress is to allow easy movement but as of now, it has become the style statement for many. Wearing a slit dress will make you look classy, elongated, and elegant as well. A good-height slit dress brings the best out of you by enhancing your shape. Do not go for a long slit dress as it might end up being a bad choice and won’t compliment your height.

  • Vertically Inspired Dresses

Last but not the least, is the vertically inspired dresses. The vertical prints or design is one of the best-suited options for all petite girls out there. To look taller, you need to pick the right option for yourself and vertical prints dresses are among them. Vertical print dresses will divert people’s attention from your horizontal body area and make their focus shift towards the better side, making you look elongated and classy.

By following the above dressing tips you will be able to enhance your look in a much better way and you will be able to look longer and elongated than your usual height. In my view, everyone is better at what height they got but upgrading your dressing style is not at all a bad idea. Remind yourself that you are no less than anyone and with that confidence, you can just slay. So! Next time when you go for your shopping make sure to purchase the above-mentioned dresses.