5 Ways To Keep Up New Nike Kicks & Streetwear

For dedicated sneaker collectors and enthusiasts, there’s nothing more satisfying than unboxing a fresh new pair of coveted kicks. However, it’s all too easy for these prized shoes to go from crisp to crumbly in a manner of wear if not properly cared for. 

Whether you’ve spent your hard-earned money on hyped Nike Dunk releases or treated yourself to the occasional Off-White collab, it’s understandable to want to preserve that “new sneak smell” for as long as possible. The thing is that keeping kicks in top shape requires more than just hoping for the best. 

In this guide, we’ll explore several pragmatic strategies for maintaining your Nike sneakers’ factory condition through diligent cleaning, protective methods, thoughtful storage, strategic wearing, and possibly reselling – helping your shoes stay vibrant and you stay stylish for countless wears to come.

1. Clean Your Nike Kicks Regularly

It’s probably happened to you before – you get a fresh pair of kicks, but after only a few wears, they’re already looking dusty and grimy. Regular cleaning is key to keeping kicks looking brand new. For lighter dirt and scuffs, try spot cleaning with a wet cloth. For deeper cleaning, Crep Protect makes a great cleaning kit with specialized brushes.

Using a soft-bristle brush, gently brush off dirt, dust, and debris from all surfaces of the shoes. Be sure to rinse away residues from cleaners to prevent future staining. Allow the shoes to fully air dry before your next wear to prevent mildew growth. 

Keep a cleaning kit on hand and make it part of your routine to wipe down shoes after each wear, especially during seasons like winter when salt stains are a menace. Cleaning protects against long-term staining and aging of materials like leather over time.

2. Protect With Crep Protect Sprays  

Beyond regular cleaning, protective sprays are a sneakerhead’s best friend. Apply a protective spray before wearing new kicks to form an invisible barrier against dirt, water, and stains on uppers. Crep’s protect spray is the gold standard for a reason – it protects leather, suede, and mesh from within without changing the shoe’s appearance.

Be sure to spray multiple, thin coats and allow each coat to dry fully before applying the next for maximum protection. The spray is also effective on clothing like denim and outerwear to shield against water spots and stains. 

Reapply every few months for continued freshness. Sprays are affordable insurance for preserving that pristine factory condition and resale value down the line.

3. Store Thoughtfully

We’ve all seen the sad sight of once crispy Nike kicks turned crumbly with loose material from poor storage. Prevent this tragedy by storing shoes properly. Use the original or replacement boxes to keep pairs separated and protected. Stuff tissue paper inside to maintain shapes.

Invest in reinforced shipping boxes or custom shoe racks for the long-term preservation of valuable sneaker collections. Place in a well-ventilated area away from direct heat or sunlight which can damage certain materials over time. For more delicate pairs, opt for sneaker bags or protective storage containers. Proper storage is pivotal for footwear longevity.

4. Style Consciously  

We’ve all seen pics of completely beaten Jordans – sometimes the best protection is being mindful of when and how we wear certain pairs. Save the all-white Ultraboosts for casual days and tread carefully. Opt for tough leather instead of suede for rainy or muddy conditions. 

Rather than wearing one pair daily, rotate your kicks for more enjoyment and longevity. Have a few beaters in the rotation to preserve favorites. Have at least three pairs to mix into your weekly rotation. This protects sneakers from excessive wear while allowing variety in your street style. 

Leather, in particular, needs time to breathe between wears. Rotate shoes worn for specific uses too such as gym versus everyday errands. A curated sneaker rotation fosters collective freshness keeping each pair looking season after season.

Developing a good sense of stylistic occasion goes far in keeping coveted kicks fresh.

5. Consider Reselling

For truly hyped Nike kicks that hold strong resale value even with light wear like certain collabs, reselling slightly used pairs could help fund new grails. Sell on platforms like Goat and StockX within the first year before significant wear occurs for top dollar. 

Clean well, include all original materials and be fully transparent about the condition for the best price.

It’ll also greatly help to research current market prices and list competitively but not too low to get purchases quickly. Consider trades if you have pairs others covet to avoid fees. 

In Summary – Tips for Preserving the Style of your Nike kicks

With diligent care, cleaning, and strategic wearing, those prized new Nike kicks like the latest Dunk colorways can stay looking fresh for years to come. Develop safe practices like protecting, thoughtful storage, conscious styling, and potential reselling to maximize the lifespan of any coveted kicks in the collection. With a dedication to these preservation methods, sneaker fans can continue rocking their Nike heat with confidence for countless years to come.