Thinking about henna tattoos or body art! But confused with the next design in trend!


Trends change every season or region by region. With every changing season, new mehndi designs come in fashion. Traditionally, henna was applied on palms and back hands and feet but the latest fashion trends include a tattoo with henna on different parts of the body. Henna tattoos are a perfect option for those who want something stylish and exotic without making a permanent commitment.

Let’s discuss the next trends going to be !


For fake freckles fans, henna freckles are a great option. No need to jiggle up with cosmetic or make up created freckles. You only need to choose natural green henna for creating fake freckles for safe skin. Henna freckles look all natural and do not wash away like make up. The henna stain stays for 3-4 days and gives you a realistic look. This is a new trend that will stay for long. 


Though white henna is not approved or recommended by experts, it is still in fashion. White henna looks stunning and beautiful on darker skin and also loved by those who want a change from traditional henna color. It is a new trend amongst women and gaining a lot of attention globally. It is not for hands only, you can use it to create temporary tattoos as well. It comes in cones like traditional henna and is easy to apply and you can take it off by simply peeling it. White henna is considered to be a safe henna ink but personally I advise to be cautious while shifting to a new trend, especially those who have sensitive skin.


Replacing the jewellery with henna tattoos is in fashion all around.  Ankle is a beautiful spot to wear a henna tattoo because it can be made visible easily. These are often designed to look like anklets or foot jewellery. Moreover, they are completely painless, whereas tattoos at ankles are most painful. Choose henna to tattoo your ankle and feet for a painless experience and amazing fashion glance.


Sleeve tattoos can be easily visible. So, you can experiment with different designs to give a bold and eye-catching look to your sleeve. People mostly prefer to go with black henna tattoos in this area because black henna give tattoos a real look. But it contains p-paraphenylenediamine  (PPD), and can cause skin problems.


The best place where henna tattoos look stunning is wrist and hands. Henna tattoos replace the hand jewellery or wear thin bangles that won’t hide the art. 


This gives a simple but an elegant look to the first time henna wearer or the experienced ones. Just like other hand tattoos, finger henna tattoos are fully visible all the time. It is a good replacement for rings.


The new and trending henna tattoo art is on shoulder and belly and the back neck. These tattoos accentuate the body curves and looks outstanding. These tattoos are mostly designed in summertimes. 


Henna back neck tattoos are summertime famous tattoos and fashion forwards love these unique placement of tattoos.

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