What is a subscription box


Have you heard of subscription boxes? You can have clothing and other items sent to you every month based on your personal preferences, buy what you like, and send back what you don’t. 

If this sounds interesting below is more information about how a women’s clothing subscription box works. 

At Fashom.com, one of the leading clothing subscription box companies, here is how the process works: 

  1. You take a styling quiz: Tell the company about your style, size and price preferences. You will see your styling choices in two or three business days. You do not have to sign up for this free service. 
  2. Get styled and select: Your stylist will choose some pieces for you. Select your top five to be shipped within two days. You get free shipping and returns. 
  3. Keep what you like. Try on your clothes at home and return what you don’t want to keep within three days. 

What is important to remember in this process is your personal style is curated by real people and not a computer algorithm. Personal styling is a great, new way to shop, and this company makes it easy. The company matches you with a personal stylist based on your profile choices and you choose the styles mailed to you. 

After the stylist assembles your outfits, you will preview and choose the ones to be shipped to you. You are not sent styles to try without seeing them first. There are many budget-friendly and  vegan clothing options that do not compromise on product quality. Fashom.com also works with ethically sourced vendors from around the globe. 

Another nice thing about this service is there is no subscription fee each month. You are charged a $15 fee when you want to be styled and have clothes sent. But this fee is applied as a credit to the order if you keep something from the order. 

Remember, you are styled at the time that you see the previews, not when items are shipped. You are only going to see clothing that you have personally seen online before anything is shipped to you. This increases the chance that you will find clothes you really love and will not be sending back everything all the time. 

Now that you understand how Fashom.com works, you should give it a try! You get a free $15 styling service with your first order, so there is really no risk involved. 

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