10 Beautiful Sabyasachi Suit designs that are trending in 2019

The Ocean Blue Suit

Sabyasachi is one Indian fashion designer whose breathtaking designs know their way to a woman’s heart. The best part about his couture is that it’s always preferred by celebrities and fashion-forward women. His designs are a perfect fusion of modern and ethnic world of fashion.

Here are the best Sabyasachi suits that are trending in 2019.

Sabyasachi Suit Design #1 – The Red Dramatic Anarkali

This one has my heart! Personally, this is the type of garb I search when looking for some Sabyasachi suit designs. It has that wow factor that can make you ready for the ramp walk, and I’m not even exaggerating a bit. The ari work done on it melts into the georgette fabric so well that it’s almost impossible to differentiate between the two. Also, can we just take a moment to appreciate how beautiful the sleeves are and how seamlessly they go with the suit?!

Sabyasachi Suit Design #2 – The Angelic White A-Line

If I had to choose a picture that defines the term ‘grace,’ I’d pick this one. Being the A-Line suit that it is, this suit is made to flatter all body types and fit the body just right. Every single element screams grace in the face of all the judgmental aunties that you might encounter. The length of the suit is long but stops mid at mid knees, and the net chunni with mint border seriously saves lives!

Sabyasachi Suit Design #3 – One for the Stunning Gorgeous Brides

So, you just got married recently and now wish to sport that princess look but don’t want to wear gowns. Been there! Your girl is here to save the day. This suit has the same look as a gown and still has a beautiful finish to it. It’s a floor-length suit with heavy stonework, which goes perfectly with the whole look. You can also opt to ditch the chunni for this outfit ‘cause if you don’t flaunt that work done all over the suit, girl, you are not doing any justice to the universe!

Sabyasachi Suit Design #4 – The Sweet Red Look

This ensemble is one-of-a-kind, simple yet splendid! The red shade makes it suitable for women of any age group. So if you are looking for some fashionspiration for your mother or grandmother, this one should be your go-to. The sequencing work is done on the neckline, which sets the bar high for the other suits.

Sabyasachi Suit Design #5 – The Black A-Line Suit

OMG! When this photo of Alia Bhat was posted online, Instagrammers went wild and couldn’t get over it for weeks. And by the looks of this suit, their reaction was totally justified. Apart from silverwork, it has grace woven in it. Plus, it looks super comfy. Just have a sleek hairstyle and light makeup, and girl, you are ready for the compliments.

Sabyasachi Suit Design #6 – For the Black Dramatic Look

Ooh, la la! This Sabyasachi suit has the charm that guys would melt for, so if you are planning to go to a wedding and wish to score some digits, look no further and opt for this black beauty. The jet-black top featuring sequins blends effortlessly with the free-flowing lower half. The latter has the prettiest shade of green with black work done on the belt area.

Sabyasachi Suit Design #7 – The Pink Princess Look

If you don’t want to go overboard with your outfit but still steal the show, then this Sabyasachi Suit design is perfect for you! It is a simple piece, yet the front cut and the colour combination make a world of difference in the look. The pink georgette material just goes perfectly with the light green pajami, and the best part, if you ask me, are the sleeves. Sabyasachi knows how to use net sleeves to accentuate his designs. As you can see, they’re of the same fabric as the suit, which brings grace and maturity in the design.

Sabyasachi Suit Design #8 – The White Aesthetic Look

Think you were born in the wrong century? Me too! Sadly, you can’t create a time machine to go back and live in the good ol’ times; but what you CAN do is wear this beautiful suit. It has that vintage hint to it that I am totally digging and can never get enough of it. The suit runs long, almost upto the floor-length. And would you look at that neckline designs? No one makes these kinds of designs in this age, which is so sad because it’s a real beauty to own.

Sabyasachi Suit Design #9 – The Red Sequence Suit

Sabyasachi does it again! Want to be the star of the event but want to keep it simple? Then there you go, girl! You have the perfect suit right here for you. It is golden in colour with sequin work done all over it. And just have a look at the dupatta and how fuss-free it looks. As if this piece was already not pretty, Sabyasachi added a belt in the middle that gave a structure and made it the classy piece of art it was destined to be.

Sabyasachi Suit Design #10 – The Ocean Blue Suit

This Sabyasachi suit is a beauty on its own. The colour, work, embroidery, and design – everything twirls together in symphony. While the designer kept most of the part suit plain, he made sure to add his signature touch by working on the bottom and the sleeves. What makes the whole look come together is the dupatta featuring floral motifs.

Truth be told, I can never get enough of Sabyasachi’s designs. Hope you liked this collection. If you’d like to take a look at more such outfits, check out this fantastic collection on HappyShappy. It’s my go-to site for fashion & it might help you too!
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