Best Wedding dresses for short brides

Every girl dreams about their wedding day an extra special and memorable one. The very first question that everyone asks to bride is about their wedding dress. The kind of dress you choose defines the final look of your wedding day. It is said that a bride’s dress should be unique and more beautiful than everyone’s and so you need to carefully select it.

Talking about petite brides, the very difficult part is to get the right wedding dress for themselves that will enhance their look. Since, their height is short such brides need to focus on buying something which will make them look taller, beautiful, classy, elegant, and sophisticated. If your wedding day is near and you are searching for the best wedding dress options, then this article will be going to help you. 

I have shortlisted the top 8 wedding dresses for short brides. Let’s have a look at them. 

  • Sheath Dresses

Wedding dresses can be fun, sexy, and at the same time classy too. If you are looking for something interesting then a sheath dress can be your first choice. Sheath dresses give statuesque appeal by simply fitting on your body curves, hugging you at the hip, and being floaty and loose at the bottom. Sheath dresses are the best example of simplicity, and elegance and look sophisticated. According to my view, it compliments your natural body curve and gives you an edge. Being a petite woman, you can choose sheath dresses on your big day to look a little taller than you are.

  • Mermaid Style Dresses

Are you searching for a dress that is specially made to enhance your natural curve? Well! Mermaid-style dresses are the one. These dresses are very popular among brides for giving a classy and appealing look. Even if you are a petite bride, trust me this wedding dress will going to be a game-changer for you. The detailing in the dress looks so perfect and classy which makes it unique in the crowd. Wearing it will give you taller look and can make your groom fall in your beauty.

  • Trumpet Style Dresses

The third one in the queue is the trumpet-style dresses which look equally good on petite brides. Very close to the mermaid dress, trumpet dresses are well fitted from top to your hip and are flares at the mid-thigh. The difference between a mermaid and a trumpet dress is that mermaid dresses flares out at the knee portion whereas trumpet dress flares out at the mid-thigh. The dress is made to give you the best body shape on your wedding day. Trumpet style dresses are known to give you an elegant, classy, and elongated look which ultimately makes it the best option for all petite brides.

  • Simple A-Line Wedding Dress

Simple A-line wedding dresses are made to provide immense comfort to brides. If you are a comfort lover then you can go for it. With a Fitted top and flared skirt, with unique detailing and designs, these dresses can give you that extra edge that you might be craving for a long time. Not just sophisticated, but it is also known for giving an elongated appearance with easy breezy movement. Coming in different shapes and sizes, I would suggest you pick the right length and neckline for yourself which will enhance your beauty a little more.

  • Fit and Flare Style Dresses

Fit and flare style dresses are specially designed for petite women. The dream wedding dress for most the bride can be yours too. One of the pocket-friendly wedding dresses, the fit, and the flare wedding dress is known for enhancing your curves and making your leg look elongated. This means you don’t have to bother about your height. This flowing and fitted gown come in different designs, neckline, and sleeves pattern which is perfect for all body types. So! if you are on the hunt for your wedding dress, do consider buying a fit and Flare dress without a second thought.

  • Short Length Dresses

Is it necessary to wear only a long flowy gown on your wedding day? Of course yes. It is not at all important to stick to old-school dressing style patterns. Here introducing you short length wedding dresses which will be no less than long gowns. A big competitor of long gowns, short gowns are very much in trend these days. The cherry on top is if you are a short-height woman then this dress will be a game changer for you. Their short length makes them unique which not only provides comfort but also enhances your beauty. They make your leg look long which ends up giving you a taller appearance. Short-length dresses are my personal favorite.  

  • Empire Waist Dresses

Another one on the list is an Empire Waist wedding dress that perfectly drapes out under the bustline rather than the waistline. They are suitable for all body types, especially petite and chubby ones. Due to their unique design, they are known to give a much slimmer look. Not only this, but it also lengthens your body which helps you to look taller, slimmer, classy, and elegant. Coming in different designs, it is better to select the right fitted wedding dress for yourself.

  • Long and Lean Gowns

Petite brides need something which compliments their height and figure. The last addition to the list is long and lean gowns which enhance their look and body curves. Known for giving an extremely classy, bossy, and taller appearance this gown is everyone’s favorite. If you are in search of something which makes you look taller then this will be the right option to pick which will make your wedding day memorable.  

Tips to Choose Your Wedding Dress

  • The wedding dress which you finalize should be according to the venue of your big day.
  • Secondly, make a budget for yourself. This will help you to purchase a dress that suits your pocket.
  • Try to start your hunt for a wedding dress 5-6 months before the final date.
  • Research work is very important. Whenever you are going to buy yourself a dress, do proper research. This will help you to know exactly what you want for your wedding dress.
  • Make a proper plan about which store or place you want to visit, call the store, and finalize the designers. This will help you to save time.

The above-mentioned are some of the best choices a petite bride can make for themselves for their wedding day. I would suggest they style themselves in a unique way that would justify their wedding look. With minimum jewelry, V-neck styling, and high heels are something that goes perfectly well with the wedding dress and makes them look longer than they are.