How Art Deco Captured the World

The colourful world of Art Deco came along at a time of austerity, as World War 1 had recently ended and materials were hard to acquire; then a group of designers got together at a Paris exhibition and the world was introduced to bold colours and geometric shapes and this style was influenced by recent Egyptian findings.

Visual arts, architecture and product design

Many aspects of society were influenced, with vintage style engagement rings that are still in demand to this day; indeed, Art Deco jewellery is more popular now than ever. Buildings took on straight designs with a lot of glass, and products were colourful and geometric, which made a refreshing change at that time when the Western world was recovering from an economic depression.

Fine craftsmanship

Jewellers embraced the extravagances of this new style, with deep red and green gemstones and intricate metalwork with fine silver. The 1930s was an era when jewellery use expanded and working-class women wore stunning Art Deco jewellery, especially in the US and such is the allure of this unique style, Art Deco vintage jewellery is very much sought after; NZ couples are choosing antique and vintage engagement and wedding rings. Click here for how to start a family jewellery business.


Much like jewellery, fine wood furniture is still in great demand; chests of drawers, wardrobes, grandfather clocks and military chests are adorning many NZ homes. High-end furniture made in the mid-20th century was built to last, with the finest craftsmanship with flowing lines and intricate carving. Ebony and ivory were used to adorn sideboards, along with other luxury materials and if you are looking to acquire authentic antique and vintage furniture, Google can take you to a local antique dealer’s website, where you can view a diverse range of period furniture.

Steel rebar & concrete

Art Deco arrived at the same time architects discovered that putting steel rods into a wet concrete form adds tensile strength, and concrete became the building material, with geometric designs and lots of glass. Glass manufacturing also improved with a new plate-glass production method, while aluminium was also a popular material.

Blend of styles

Experts would tell you that Art Deco was a combination of numerous styles that happened to be in the right place at the right time; Italian, Egyptian and British artists excelled and products took on a new, modern look with bright colours. Due to regular international design and art exhibitions, the world kept pace with new ideas and influences and various nations adopted and adapted the style and Art Nouveau was born. 

Custom jewelleryMany NZ couples prefer to have a diamond engagement ring made to their specifications, which would typically be of Art Deco style; people like the idea of a unique ring that was created for the engagement and cost is comparable with investing in an authentic vintage diamond engagement ring.