Bengali Wedding Dresses for Brides

Weddings are always very special. For me, if you ask, a wedding is about making memories. In India, as we know there is diversity in culture and each culture has its wedding rituals which might differ from one other. Not only rituals but the bridal look also differ from place to place and culture to culture. I have attended many different weddings and I have to say among them Bengali wedding is one of my favorite. If you have ever attended a Bengali wedding then you will understand why I have counted Bengali weddings among my favorites. Not only the food and rituals, the thing that attracts me the most is the Bengali bride’s outfit. How gorgeous and elegant they look. I found everything just perfect. Therefore here I am giving you little information about the Bengali bride’s outfit. So! let’s get started-

  1. Red benarasi lehenga in Bengal wedding dress

Red is the color that most Bengali brides prefer to wear on the day of the wedding. As we know that lehenga is something that brides personally love to wear and when it is red there is no chance of saying no to it. Whenever I have been to a Bengali wedding, I have mostly witnessed brides wearing a red lehenga and this is the reason why I have mentioned it here. It’s on you to choose the best design and a piece of complementary jewelry for your wedding dress. To enhance your look, you can wear jewelry like kundan, polka, meenakari, etc. 

  1. Red Silk Eight-Fold Saree 

As you know the saree is something that never goes out of fashion and reflects Indian tradition and culture. If you ever have been to a Bengali wedding or have a Bengali friend then you must know that the Bengali saree draping style is different than normal. Talking about Bengali weddings, following their tradition is a must. As you can see the in the image, the bride is wearing a beautiful red silk saree with no bottom plates and pallu located just right over her shoulder. This is the typical Bengali style of draping saree with just eight folds. Now! It’s on the bride to choose the right saree design for her wedding day. Wearing a red silk lehenga will make you look beautiful, smart, and graceful. 

  1. Zardozi Georgette Saree 

Another one in the queue is the Zardozi georgette saree which is again the favorite of all brides, especially the Bengali brides. Talking about the Zardozi georgette saree, I would say that it is a mixture of modern touch and a traditional touch. I have seen many Bengali brides wearing Zardozi saree in their wedding and looking graceful and elegant. Whenever I look at the Zardozi lehenga, the only thing that I can think of is royalty. The grandeur and opulence of the lehenga come from its heavy and elaborate metal embroidery which is the reason behind its look. 

  1. Red saree with golden zari work

Bengali brides are so graceful and a red saree with golden zari work is something that adds extra glitter to their look. A red saree with golden zari work is one of the most worn outfits by Bengali brides. To complement their look, brides can wear traditional Bengali jewelry that is famous all over India. As we know that golden zari work never goes out of fashion. Talking about the red color of the saree, I have to say that red is the symbol or the style statement of all newlywed women or for all the brides. So choosing the red color zari work saree will be a good idea. It will give you a wedding vibe and glitters will be added if draped in Bengali style. 

  1. Maroon Brown Silk Saree

We always see and imagine a bride in a red saree or lehenga but breaking the stereotype, here presenting you a maroon-brown color silk saree that looks flattering when worn as a wedding dress. The red color is what most  

brides prefer but the maroon-brown color is something new and different. As you can see in the figure, it gives an entirely different look and its embroidery makes it different from others. This is among one those saree that never go out of trend. If you ask my opinion, a maroon brown silk saree is very versatile and you can use it on other occasions after your wedding. You can imagine its beauty by looking at the image provided. 

  1.  Pastel Pink Color Silk Saree

Pink is considered the favorite color of many girls and is the first choice of many to wear a pink color outfit on their big day. wearing a pink saree on the wedding day is not a new concept but still gives a different vibe from that of red. Nowadays pastel pink color organza saree is in trend. Organza is much sleeker and stretchy but the main difference you could see in the fabric. Wearing an organza saree is very good, gives you morden look, and makes you look stylish and elegant. You can see how pretty the bride is looking by draping a pink silk saree. To compliment well, brides can wear it with golden Bengali style jewelry as shown in the figure. I am sure this will look simply amazing.  

  1. Meenakari Benarasi Saree 

Made with more than one resham thread, meenakari benarasi sarees are again very much in demand. I have seen Bengali brides love traditional meenakari benarasi sarees and prefer to wear them on their special days. Talking about the meenakari sarees, I must say that it depicts our Indian culture, and wearing them on their big day is a very good decision. Just look at this bride, and see the detailed work this saree is having. If you want to get that royal and classy look on your big day, then I will suggest you try out the meenakari benarasi saree. Though any color will look amazing because of its art as we know red has its importance in Bengali weddings, so it will be better to go for red. 

  1. Shiffon bridal Dupatta and Saree

Another one on the list is the shiffon bridal dupatta with saree. Dupatta is always considered the important thing for every bride. The dupatta and saree combination will look amazing on the bride. Dupatta is part of Indian culture and wearing it at your wedding has its importance. As you can see in the figure, how beautiful the bride is looking. There is simplicity, authenticity, elegance, and royalty. This is the real magic of wearing this beautiful attire. So! I would suggest that if you are wearing it on your big day, pair it with complimentary jewelry. 

For a good bridal look, it is important to have enough knowledge about your outfit and a clear image of what you are going to wear. The above-mentioned are some of the Bengali bridal dresses worn by our beautiful Bengali brides. But, choosing the best among all is a very important and tiring task. So here I am giving you some of the best tips to select the best outfit for yourself – 

● First of all you need to decide the color of your dress that goes well with your wedding venue.

● Second, make a clear picture in your mind about the kind of dress you want to wear.

● Third, Never copy others. For example, it is possible that from the above-mentioned dresses one might look beautiful on the other but might turn out to be the wrong choice for you. So! Choose only those outfits which will suit you and enhance your personality. 

● Fourth, make your budget clear. It will help you to choose a dress that falls under your budget.

Concluding the article, I want to say that a Bengali wedding is all about beautiful brides, culture, and rituals that resemble their heritage. The above-mentioned dresses are extremely beautiful on a personal basis and look flattering on Bengali brides. I would suggest that you pick your wedding outfit smartly and after doing all the basic research so that you don’t have regrets on your big day. You can go with any of the above-mentioned attires. Also, I have provided you with some tips which will help you to some extent in finding the right dress for you. 

Happy Wedding!