Best Wedding Dresses for Grooms in Kolkata

Wedding season is on and it’s time for you to gear up for all wedding preparations. Weddings are all about deciding on a good venue, good food, making good memories, and above all finding nice wedding attire for you. Whether you are a bride-to-be or a groom-to-be, finalizing a wedding outfit is equally important. Why do we consider an important day only for the bride and why not for the groom? Getting married is a big event for both bride and groom and therefore both deserve to look good on that day.

People always talk about wedding outfits for girls, and their looks but none talks about the groom. Well! Gone are those days when limited options were given to boys when it comes to a wedding outfits.  Today I’ll be telling you some of the best wedding outfits for the groom in Kolkata. So! Let’s begin-

List of Outfits

  1. The Stylish Bandhgala Suit-

When it comes to an Indian groom, then bandh gala suit is surely the right option. The design of the suit will take you back to the royal days and give you a feeling of being king. This Jodhpur attire is one of the best-picked attires by the groom these days. The dress comes with a coat and straight-fit pants which look just flattering over the grooms. Also known as the Nehru suit has become the major style statement for all the grooms and designers out there. 

Here are the lists of shops where you can find bandhgala suits in Kolkata-

  • Vedam 
  • Sasya 
  • Groom Wear by Abhishek Dutta 
  • 100 Park Street 
  • Palki, etc.
  1. The Traditional Angrakha-

Whether it’s a reception party or your wedding, grooms can slay on both days by wearing Traditional Angrakha. This outfit is a combination of sophistication, tradition, and modernization. When you see our history, the royals used to wear it and there is no better day than your wedding to wear it. The outfit consists of a top, jacket, and kurta that are tied using tassels. To match this you can wear it with a churidar or a salwar. This Rajasthan-based outfit will make you look royal, sophisticated, and elegant. 

Here are the lists of shops where you can find Traditional Angrakha in Kolkata- 

  • Sasya 
  • Manyavar and Mohey
  • Poonam Kasera
  • Khaas New Market
  • New Market Kolkata, etc.
  1. Maroon Kurta With Creamish Dhoti

As you know dhoti and kurta are not just a part but an important part of Indian Culture. Especially, when you are a Bengali or Bihari groom, then you might know the importance of wearing a dhoti and kurta. If you are the one who gives equal importance to your culture, then you can wear this dhoti and kurta on your wedding day. Like every outfit, the dhoti and kurta have their beauty. Wearing the combination of maroon and cream color is again something which looks flattering on all me. So! If your wedding date is near, do go for this one.

Here are the lists of shops where you can find Traditional Dhoti and Kurta in Kolkata- 

  • Manyavar 
  • Poonam Kasera
  • Boutique Dheu
  • Mohey
  • Kurta Planet, etc.
  1. Blue Embroidered Silk Kurta 

The blue color is something that looks amazing on every man. Wearing this on your wedding day will be a good idea. For every group,m it is important to look presentable and dashing at their wedding, and according to me wearing a blue embroidered silk kurta will help a lot. To enhance your look you can pair it with any silk white color churidar or lien pants.  Moreover, the embroidery on the kurta will make you look just stylish and glamorous. 

Here are the lists of shops where you can find blue embroidered silk kurtas in Kolkata-

  • Manyavar and Mohey
  • Fabindia
  • Kurta Planet
  • Vastramay
  • Faizan Kurta, etc. 
  1. Metallic Silk Kurta With  Nehru Jacket

Another one in the queue is the Metallic silk kurta with a maroon Nehru jacket that will look great on the groom if they choose it as their wedding outfit. It is not always necessary for the groom to wear a sherwani. You can go for stitching or buy a ready-made metallic silk kurta with a maroon Nehru jacket that will look fabulous. Golden, grey, or cream color will be a great option to go. This outfit is the right example of elegance and royalty. To match better, you can wear it with a matching churidar or lien time. It is none less than a showstopper if you choose to wear it on your big day. 

Here are the lists of shops where you can find Metallic Silk Kurta with Maroon Nehru Jacket in Kolkata- 

  • Manyavar and Mohey
  • Kurta Palace
  • Poonam Kasera
  • 100 Park Street
  • Fabindia, etc.
  1. The Charming and Elegant Tuxedos

If you are updated with the latest trends then I guess you know what I am talking about. The recent trending outfit and one of the most favorite outfits of grooms is the tuxedo which is super stylish in looks and is enough to grab everyone’s attention. Wearing tuxedos will make you look stunning and charming and that’s what is the main purpose of a wedding outfit right? Grooms can go for black, maroon, blue, grey, or golden color tuxedos.  

Here is the list of shops where you can find Charming and Elegant Tuxedos in Kolkata

  • Manyavar and Mohey
  • The Groom Story
  • Yajy by Aditya Jain
  • Sasya
  • Black Studio, etc.
  1. Sherwani 

Sherwani is an evergreen and go-to outfit for every groom. Sherwani is not a new concept but if you look it has always been a savior. Specially designed for a typical Indian wedding and Indian groom to make them look simply stunning and elegant. The Sherwani is itself a classic and royal outfit and if you wear it with a pagdi and embroidered dupatta, then it will do full justice to your attire. You can enhance your overall look by selecting the right color like- light blue, maroon, golden, off-white, black, or golden. 

Here are the lists of shops where you can find sherwani in Kolkata-

  • The Groom story
  • Mohey 
  • Manyavar
  • Vedam
  • Surbhi Pansari
  • 100 Park Street, etc.

The above-mentioned are some of the best wedding outfits that you will find in Kolkata. As you know that Kolkata is a hub for shopping especially when it comes to Indian wear.  Many people purposely visit this place to get some best wedding outfits for themselves. But, searching for the right outfit in such a big city could be tiring. So I will suggest you do proper research and planning. Here are some tips to search for the best wedding outfit-

  • Keep a reflection of your wedding venue and theme in mind, and accordingly plan what will be a suitable wedding outfit for you.
  • To compliment your bride, you can choose a color close to your bride’s dress. This will help you to pair and coordinate well.
  • Do not go for brands or price; rather give more importance to comfort. Choose only that outfit that is comfortable to wear.
  • Always try to choose something different so that it does not match with the groomsmen and help to outshine you.
  • Do not try to copy other, go for something which suits your personality and highlight your style statement.
  • Do proper research about the recent trending outfits and accordingly make a list of shops to wish to visit. This will consume your time.

In a nutshell, I want to tell you that these outfits are evergreen and will never disappoint you.  For your convenience, I have listed some of the best-rated shops in Kolkata but I will also suggest you do proper research about the shops and the price they offer you. Shortlisting things is very important to escape from the last-minute panic situation. Also, there are some tips listed above that will help you in proper execution and searching for the best wedding outfit for you. 

Happy Wedding.