Best dress for girls in Asia

We all will agree on the point that the dressing taste of people differs from region to region and from place to place. Keeping this in mind, I thought to share about dressing options available in Asia for girls. Asia is one of the top notable geographic regions known for its diverse customs and traditions all over the world. Home to the world’s oldest civilization, morals, and ethics, Asia is divided into 6 regions- Central Asia, East Asia, North Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and West Asia. By this you can think of the diversity it possesses not only in terms of culture but also in terms of styling and clothing. 

Being a girl I can tell you that, a girl’s love for dresses is immortal and Asia offers many options to explore. I am sure you will get to know about many unexplored dresses. Let’s get started- 

Barong Tagalog 

  Barong Tagalog, also known as Barong or Boro is a famous traditional dress of the Philippines. This famous outfit is inspired by pre-colonial native Filipino and colonial Spanish clothing styles and contains its elements. Barong is a formal or semi-formal embroidery shirt, generally full sleeves, and is made up of Nipis or organza. This Filipino outfit is very comfortable, simple, classy, and elegant and is most preferred by girls in Asia. The reason why it is made from Nipis and Organza is that these fabrics are known for their transparency and breathability. The embroidery done on Barong’s dress can steal anyone’s attention and due to this, Barong is everyone’s go-to outfit. Girls can wear it to their client meetings or can go to a party. In both cases, they are going to slay with their outfit. 


The saree is among the favorite outfits of all women. This six to seven-meter-long outfit represents the culture of India. Despite having its roots in older times, the saree is among those outfits which never go out of fashion. Yes! Whether you look at the old times or the present scenario, you will find saree among the best-selling outfits. Comes in various designs and fabrics, the saree is one of the most versatile dresses. Women can wear it at their weddings, office meetings, house parties, office parties, as daily wear in homes, and on various such events. Draping on your body, the saree gives you an elegant and graceful look that every girl is fond of. If you are fond of graceful, classy, elegant, and gorgeous looks then a saree is a must-try outfit. 


Another one on the list is the Qipao which is one of the most worn Chinese outfits. Also known as Cheongsam, and is inspired by Qizhuanh.  Qipao is long in length and when wearing it hugs tightly to your body. Qipao is a live example of tradition and modernization and is easily available on many online stores like- Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, etc. Not only Chinese women but many women across the world wear Qipao due to the comfort it provides. It gives you an elegant and graceful appearance. Shorter sleeves, tapered waist, longer slit, and a high stiff collar is what Qipao looks like. For those who don’t know about it, I would like to tell them that Qipao is considered the Chinese national dress and represents Chinese culture. 


Another traditional Chinese outfit was especially worn by Han Chinese which consists of a paofu robe which is a kind of jacket as an upper garment, a long gun skirt as a lower garment along with belts, headwear, handheld fans, etc.  It is representative of ancient Chinese culture and is worn by many women globally. Talking about its characteristics, I have to say that the type of comfort it provides is irreplaceable. Hanfu is made up of soft and airy fabric and this is the reason for its being so comfortable. Its elegant pattern gives you a sleek, fresh and unique look. Apart from being comfortable and airy, Hanfu is very versatile as you can wear it for various purposes like- you can wear it on your birthday, New Year’s Eve, party, etc. If you are also fond of graceful and elegant looks then wearing Hanfu is highly recommended.

Salwar Suit

Another traditional outfit that is representative of Indian heritage is Salwar Suit, which is not only famous in India but among women across the world who wear it. The pair of trousers and tunic comes in different designs and fabrics which also marks a great difference in the overall price. They are comfortable and versatile outfits. You can wear them on any occasion and guess what you will always slay. This ethnic wear will give you desired elegance and style which you always dream about. This is one of my favorite outfits that I found in Asia. Having a Mughal origin this outfit never goes out of trend.


If you have ever been to Japan, then you know what I am talking about. Well, Kimono needs no introduction as it is famous all over the world.  It is Square sleeves, rectangular body, V-neck wrapped front garment which is typically worn with a broad sash. This loose gown jacket gives a super comfortable feeling and an elegant look. Despite having no buttons and hooks, Kimono is the best example of a simple yet fashionable outfit. 

It comes in different designs and is easily available outside Japan too. If you are interested in buying a Kimono then you can look for it on other online shopping sites. In Japan Kimono is not just an outfit representing their culture but also the symbol of good fortune and longevity. 

Today, Asia is the hub of fashion. Something trending in Asia ultimately becomes trending all over the world.

Here is the list of top fashion capitals of Asia- 

  • Shanghai, China
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Dubai, UAE
  • Seoul, South Korea
  • Hong Kong, China
  • Mumbai, India

The above-mentioned are some of the top outfits that are much liked by women. One thing common about these dresses is that they can be easily found on online shopping sites and they all represent their traditions. The clothing options are not limited to these above-mentioned dresses; rather you will get to explore different options in Asia that you never even thought of.