Accommodations for girl students in Italy

One of the biggest headaches of going abroad to study is accommodations. Many factors come together in finding the right accommodation, especially if you are a girl. Safety, commutability, cost, amenities – all these things play an important role in choosing the right residence.

How to find student accommodation in Italy?

Several establishments are enrolled under the universities of Italy, and the accommodations for international students are handled by the institutions themselves. Upon application, the university offices provide the necessary information about available residences. These are any day a better option for girl students since the complexes are not only acknowledged by the university itself but also cheaper than the housings available in the private market.

However, there is much more freedom in the private market, if you do not want to compromise with the standard of living for the entire duration of the course. One can find student residences advertised in local newspapers and via agencies. Real estate agencies have separate operations for student accommodation at lower costs than usual and for shorter periods. 

Other than these two options, another lucrative and easily-appealing one to students in the online housing portal system. There are portals on the internet like Uniplaces and Housing Anywhere who have collaborated with universities across Italy and provide well-maintained, furnished apartments to students on solitary as well as sharing basis in cities like Rome, Florence, Milan, Pisa, Turin and Bologna.

Students can surf through the residences on the portal, take a look at the picture of the rooms, find out all the details about fees, distance from the main parts of the city, transport and communication and then make a decision. Booking and payment via the portals is super smooth as well, with only a few taps of the finger. The portals offer additional options as well, like allowing subletting during the vacations. 

In these portals, the housing properties listed can be expected to be free of any discrimination. However, if the student wants, there are options to add additional filters based on religion, gender, cuisine choices and more. 

So as a girl student, if one wants to live in an all-female residence for the sake of safety and security, the option is very much present. 

What to expect?

After accommodations are settled, next comes the other basic needs – food and transportation. Electricity and water come along the rented accommodations in most of the cases, so those are not something that a new tenant has to worry about. 

For travelling to and from college or university, or to any other part of the city, public transportation is the best and most convenient option. At € 1.50, a regular urban ticket is valid for 90 minutes on the underground or railway networks of urban Italy. If you are an individual under 26 years of age, then you can purchase the monthly student’s card or Abbonamento Mensile Studenti at € 21.

Best Rooms for Students in Italy:

  • Bologna
  • Rome
  • Milan
  • Florence
  • Turin

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