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pashmina shawls

When you walk into an evening party, the first thing people notice about you is your attire. Many top dressing in today’s date are quite outdated now. People are looking for the stylish but elegant look. And Cashmere Pashmina Shawls are the best way to make any apparel classy and sophisticated.

Moreover, this is not a new trend as the royals used to don these woolen clothes. The exclusiveness of Pashmina Shawl starts from its origin. You just cannot make the original Cashmere Pashmina Shawls with any sheep or goat. However, before going through the process to make this woolen attire, we will discuss its origin.

What is the history of Pashmina?

The word Pashmina came from Persian dialect which is also known as Farsi. The meaning of the word Pashmina is soft and silky wool that stands for Pasham. In the 15th century, the ruler of Kashmir Valley Abidin the Great imported some Persian craftsman who started the weaving of this woolen material. When the European people first encountered the material they started to call it Cashmere which came from Kashmir.

Another source claimed that it started in Nepal as the people there always experimenting with different things to keep themselves warm. It is the most delicate and softest woolen material available in the Himalayan and Tibetan plateau.

How to Get Pashmina Fleece?

There are different breeds of Pashmina goats from which they can obtain the special kind of fiber. The goats are the Changthangi in the Changthang Plateau and Ladakh, Chegu from Himachal Pradesh and Northern Himalaya, Malra from the Kargil area and Chyangara in Nepal. These goats reside in the area with 12000 feet altitude and the temperature drops even -40 degree Celsius.

The reason that makes the Cashmere Pashmina Shawls is the low availability of the goat. It is very tough to catch this goat that runs at a high pace. Moreover, the Pashmina goats are not highly generative as the mother goat can give birth only a single kid every year. People can collect the wool of the goat once a year only.

Like any other sheep wool, it cannot be obtained by shearing. Only through combing, they can collect the wool from the Pashmina goat. Generally, a single goat can give 70 to 500 grams of wool. The wool collector has to wait for the right time to comb off the fleece. When they are ready by themselves for combing, they can collect the best quality fleece without any hassle.

The professional fleece collectors use the bristle brush first to clean the surface of the coat. They start brushing in the guard hair and then slowly they move to other areas. They use a large pin brush for the backbone area. And finally, with the help of slicker, they lift the fiber from the belly. The whole combing session takes generally 30 minutes.

After collecting the fleece, they are packed and shipped to the artisans of Kashmir to create some beautiful Cashmere Pashmina Shawls. When they are combed regularly every year, the quality of wool is getting better along with.

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