How to Make Clothes Work in Different Seasons


Sometimes it feels as though you just finished buying clothes for one season, and a new one immediately starts. Most of us cannot afford to constantly be changing up our wardrobe as soon as the weather changes, so it can be nice to find ways to incorporate pieces from one season’s wardrobe to the next for sustainability and your own bank account. If you are wondering how to do so without freezing or sweating your way through the day, here is the perfect list for you. Read on for our top ways to make your clothes work for different seasons!

Long Sleeve

If you are wanting to keep wearing those summer dresses all year round, there are ways to warm up the outfit. Instead of just adding a jacket, try pairing a long sleeve shirt underneath the dress. A black long sleeve especially helps the brighter colours stand out, and you can get extra cosy with a black turtle neck under. This same trick applied for t-shirts and singlet tops, and by doing so, you can still show off the clothing item rather than covering over it with a jacket or sweater.  


Missing your favourite summery skirt when the cold winds kick in? You do not have to when you can warm up the outfit with a pair of stockings. You can really give off the cosy vibe when also paired with some ankle boots and a cardigan. Similarly, knee-high socks will do the trick, and these are usually quite thick for extra warmth. Do not just stick to black, venture into white and colours to match the skirt too for a cohesive look. A similar look can also be created for your favourite denim skirt or shorts with stockings placed underneath. This is especially great for those transitional periods.  

Socks and Heels

This one is a little more daring, but definitely not a new trend by any means. This is socks and heels to get your open shoes out and about in the colder months. A pair of coloured socks with black heels are a colour combo to ease you into this trend, incorporated by Rhianna and Kendall Jenner in 2019. Do not freeze your toes, and repurpose those summer heels.


Jumpsuits are another item that can be suitable for Summer or Winter weather. In the summer months, a thinner jumpsuit with strappy heels is perfect all by itself. To make this more winter-friendly, pair it with a shirt or long sleeve top underneath for extra warmth. This works especially well if the jumpsuit has spaghetti straps, as this has been a popular Instagram trend. Wear long socks, heeled boots and pair a bakers boy hat to achieve this cosier look. Jumpsuits are particularly popular for dressier events like weddings and work parties, so if you do not want to splurge, you can try renting a designer jumpsuit from The Volte for a cheaper yet still sustainable alternative. 

Button Up Shirts

Button up shirts, especially those that are linen are easy to wear all year round. Wear it as a shirt tucked into jeans, under a sweater with the collar out for the colder days, or even as a quick throw over to a summer top in the evenings. Button up shirts are so versatile and you can really get your dollar out of their wear. Do not let the long sleeve scare you, they can easily be rolled up or worn in combination with other items for a totally different look. Linen shirts are also a staple when packing to go away if you are unsure about the weather because they go with everything!

Overall, there are many ways to repurpose your summer wardrobe into winter. With some layering and restyling, you can act more sustainability in avoiding the big wardrobe spend every season.

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