Does Gold-Filled Jewelry Tarnish? 

Does Gold-Filled Jewelry Tarnish? 

Shopping for gold jewelry can be difficult because there are many different styles. In addition, everybody’s had the experience of their beloved necklace making their skin discolored.

Gold-plated jewelry is made by plating a base metal (often brass or copper) with a fragile layer of gold (0.05% genuine gold or less). A microns-think layer of the precious metal is plated onto a base metal to make gold-plated jewelry.

The gold plating is so thin that it readily wears off. It also oxidizes more readily in water or chemicals of any type. As a result, gold is resistant to corrosion, while copper and brass are not, especially when exposed to moisture in the air or body fluids like sweat, lotion, perfume, etc. Since only a thin layer of gold is used to coat a cheaper metal, gold-plated jewelry is significantly less expensive than other forms of gold jewelry. Gold plating might be a smart compromise when shopping for jewelry for temporary wear or experimenting with new styles. 

What’s Gold Vermeil?

Gold vermeil is an extremely thick layer of gold over sterling silver. Canada, for example, only requires 1.0 microns of gold plating on sterling silver, but the United States requires 2.5 microns. People with metal allergies need not worry about wearing it because it is hypoallergenic.

Vermeil is superior to gold-plated jewelry because its gold coating is much thicker. As a result, the gold can fade out in high-contact places after years of heavy use.

Since some manufacturers can label their goods as vermeil even if they don’t contain 2.5 microns of gold, we advise only buying vermeil from reputable brands. 2.5 microns is equivalent to.0001 inches; therefore, measuring it would be challenging without the right tools. When we make vermeil jewelry, we send it to a trusted plating facility that can precisely control the amount of gold applied to the silver base.

What Does Gold-Filled Mean?

“Gold filling” is a process in which a thick layer of gold is bonded to another metal, typically jeweler’s brass. According to US regulations, the gold plating must make up no more than 5% of the piece’s total mass. Standard gold-filled beads follow these specifications.

The gold is often 14k but can be 12k (marked 14/20 or 12/20, respectively). The amount of gold in gold-filled jewelry is around one hundred times that of gold-plated.

Unlike gold-plated jewelry, this piece’s gold finish will not wear off since it is mechanically linked to the underlying material. It’s as durable and beautiful as solid gold jewelry, but it won’t break the bank when you splash water on it. In addition, those with metal allergies can safely wear gold-filled jewelry without worry.

Gold filled has constraints due to its manufacturing process; it cannot be cast or poured into a mold because it is only produced in wire or sheet form. Gold-filled charms are either solid (two pieces of sheet metal are soldered together) or hollow (formed from a flat metal).

Gold-Filled Jewelry Care Tips

Gold-filled jewelry requires the same essential maintenance as regular jewelry. Therefore, our best advice is as follows:

  • Gold-filled jewelry is susceptible to corrosion from salt water and chlorine; therefore, it’s best to leave it at home while going to the beach or the pool.
  • Gold-filled jewelry is best kept dry and away from moisture. Keep each piece of jewelry separate and out of the reach of others in an airtight plastic bag to preserve its luster.
  • It would help if you didn’t work out while wearing gold-filled jewelry. The salt in your sweat can tarnish your jewelry over time.
  • Remember that the harsh chemicals in perfume, hairspray, and hand lotions might damage your gold-filled jewelry.
  • Gold-filled jewelry can maintain its luster with the occasional use of a jewelry polishing cloth that won’t scratch the surface.

Does Tarnishing Occur in Gold-Filled Jewelry?

Does tarnish occur in gold-filled jewelry? Gold-filled jewelry rarely, if ever, oxidizes. However, there are a few specific cases where this might occur. These highly unusual occurrences include traveling through contaminated areas, inhaling chemical sulfide fumes, and destruction by fire.

Gold can corrode and scratch like any other metal. Avoid using bleach or any other cleaning agent that contains chlorine on your gold jewelry if you care about keeping it shiny. If you plan on doing any of the following, it’s best to put your gold jewelry away:

– Cleaning and maintaining the garden and other outdoor spaces are examples of such chores.

– Submerging oneself in a refreshing water source like a shower, bath, or the ocean

– Putting on makeup, perfume, and other adornments

– Activity in the gym or competitive sports

– Meal prepping

We suggest storing your gold jewelry in its original box or pouch when it’s not worn.

How to Protect Your Fine Jewelry Collection?

To protect your jewelry collection, keeping the humidity levels in the room where you keep it low is essential. Run a dehumidifier or air conditioner in the space where you keep your jewelry. The moisture in your jewelry box can be absorbed by purchasing silica packets.

The same holds for jewelry; the best place to keep it is in a room that stays at a constant temperature throughout the year. Don’t, for instance, put your jewelry box over a radiator. The fewer temperature swings there are, the better. Instead, it would help if you store your valuables in a cold, dark place like a closet. For example, a jewelry holder could be mounted inside a closet door.

A climate-controlled storage unit is a perfect alternative if you don’t have enough room to store your jewelry safely.

The easiest way to protect your fine jewelry is to keep it in a felt-lined box. Because the felt absorbs moisture and delays rusting, it is ideal. It is recommended that more oversized silver objects be kept in a special felt pouch or wrapped in a silver polishing cloth to prevent tarnish. Since your collection won’t be on display, you’ll have to actively recall the items you own and decide which to wear.

Even when stored correctly, fine jewelry must be polished at least twice a year to remove tarnish. Fine jewelry might be damaged if polished too much.

Above all else, expensive jewelry must be stored safely to protect it from theft. So put it away in a safe or some other undisclosed location.

Some gemstones can be damaged by prolonged exposure to UV light, so keeping fine jewelry out of the sun is essential.

Some fine jewelry can benefit from being stored in a high-quality box when not worn. For example, the diamond studs and engagement ring you wear daily need a particular spot on your dresser or nightstand.

Establish a routine of storing your jewelry in the exact location to prevent it from wandering off.

Shopping for Gold Jewelry for the First Time?

When we wish to invest in jewelry, one of the first things we’ve considered buying is gold, one of the most treasured and valuable metals. Gold jewelry has come to represent a new standard of elegance and is a big hit at weddings and other celebrations.

It’s a good luck investment and a fashionable addition to any outfit. Our continued adoration of gold jewelry directly results from its continued popularity in the modern jewelry market.

Most of us prefer to go out, browse a few stores, and then make a final purchase decision regarding gold jewelry. However, even the most careful among us can fumble when purchasing gold. Therefore, we have provided guidelines to follow while shopping for gold jewelry.

Check Purity and Authenticity

Carats are a measure of how pure a piece of gold is. The purity of gold decreases from 24 karat (99.9% pure) to 22 karat (18 karat, 14 karat, etc. Buying gold jewelry as an investment without doing research is a bad idea. It is best to buy jewelry that has been hallmarked, as this is another indicator of its purity.

Examine Market Prices

Purity, alloy used, and the amount of time and effort put into creating the jewelry all contribute to its final cost. Buying from a reputable jeweler or well-known brand is recommended, but price comparison is also helpful.


For most of us, investing in gold jewelry could be a significant choice due to the high cost involved. It is strongly suggested that you only buy jewelry with a hallmark. It’s a sure bet as an investment and a sign of pristine quality.

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