Engagement Ring Trends: The 10 Most Popular Shapes for 2022

Finding the right engagement ring can seem like a huge challenge. There are many styles, colors, stones, and cuts to choose from, and it can be hard to know what you’re looking for. Luckily, we’re here to provide a handy guide for the best engagement ring trends that you should know about for 2022.

1. Cushion Cut 

Cushion cut diamonds and other gems are a lovely vintage-inspired style. They get their name because of the unique cut that resembles a pillow or couch cushion. 

Cushion cut gems are square with cut corners, much like the popular cuts in mine-cut diamonds during the Georgian, Victorian, and Edwardian eras. The key difference between the old styles and the modern ones is that contemporary cushion cut gems have large, complex faceting that is simply breathtaking. 

It is not hard to see why this lovely, romantic style remains so popular. Though the style was once mostly limited to diamonds, you will see it used in all kinds of gems today, especially as alternative stones become popular for engagement rings. 

Benefits of the Cushion Cut 

  • Vintage style
  • Simple and elegant
  • Beautiful faceting 

2. Oval Cut

An oval cut is one of the oldest and most popular engagement ring shapes. It features an extra-large stone that takes up an extensive portion of the finger. As a result, it is an eye-catching and beautiful piece that every bride-to-be will love. 

Oval cut stones also have a narrowing effect on the finger, making them ideal for wearers with shorter, smaller hands. 

Another beautiful aspect of oval cut diamonds is their ability to reflect more light and color, thanks to their larger surface area. As a result, oval cut stones tend to look sparklier and more colorful than many others! So if you want an elegant but impressive ring, an oval cut is a perfect choice. 

Benefits of the Oval Cut

  • Elongating effect
  • Large stone
  • Elegant and eye-catching

3. Solitaire Cut

A solitaire diamond is one of the most classic popular ring styles for engagement rings, reaching back more than a century. But the term does not refer to a single shape or cut. Instead, “solitaire,” as the name implies, means any ring with a single gemstone rather than a variety. 

Most of us think of solitaire diamonds as raised circular or square gems. But they can be any size, shape, or cut, as long as they are the sole stone on the band. 

Solitaire rings are striking in their simplicity. The single stone gets the chance to shine and catch the light. A solitaire gem will be eye-catching on your finger, no matter the cut. 

Benefits of the Solitaire Cut

  • Elegant and simple
  • Versatile
  • Eye-catching

4. Hidden Halo 

A hidden halo engagement ring is an increasingly popular shape that is undeniably on-trend as we head into 2022. This style adds new depth and dimensions to the ring, making it even more beautiful when viewed from different angles. 

So what exactly is a hidden halo? A ring like this consists of a single main stone supported from below by a “halo” of small diamonds or other gems. The result is a beautiful surprise view from the side but also an additional layer of depth, color, and complexity when viewed from above. 

Like any style of ring, a hidden halo is not everyone’s cup of tea. But you might find that you love the combination of simplicity and subtle interest that this intriguing style offers.

Benefits of the Hidden Halo

  • Extra depth
  • Beautiful view from every angle
  • Colorful and deep

5. Princess Cut

A princess cut ring is another style that has endured for decades because of its simple beauty. This style uses a square-cut diamond in the center of the ring band. The corners are left sharp, which differentiates the princess cut from similar styles like the radiant cut. 

Princess cut stones usually have elegant faceting, adding an extra layer of color and interest to the ring. The overall style is, as the name implies, beautiful and classical. 

This shape was first introduced in the 1960s and has remained a popular style ever since. Princess cut rings also have an inverted pyramid base, which adds some height to the stone and helps it catch the eye. 

Benefits of the Princess Cut

  • High stone
  • Simple and elegant
  • Beautiful faceting

6. Asscher Cut

An Asscher cut diamond is an opulent, standout style that you can’t help but notice. With layers of sparkling gemstones, it is a type of ring that might be too complex for some tastes. But if you love maximalism and jewelry with tons of visual interest, an Asscher cut could be perfect for you. 

These rings feature a central octagonal stone supported by several layers of more diamonds. With a signature high crown, Asscher cut rings are visually dazzling. They are beautiful to look at from any angle, with a kind of descending “staircase” of sparkling stones. 

Because of all these complex elements, this style often results in much larger rings than you may be used to seeing. But if you love the Asscher cut, don’t apologize for it. This is a ring to wear loudly and proudly! 

Benefits of the Asscher Cut

  • Opulent
  • Large
  • Elegant

7. Round Cut

A round cut diamond might seem pretty self-explanatory, but some science goes into its construction! At its most basic, a round cut is, of course, a circular diamond. But jewelers require an exact number of facets and a perfect shape for a diamond to qualify as a round cut.

The perfect round cut diamond will have 57 to 58 facets, which will meet perfectly at the bottom of the stone in a culet. There are also exact measurements for the depth of the stone. 

For people wearing the ring, this means that round cut diamonds should be perfectly symmetrical, with many facets that cause it to provide a complex, layered look despite its simple style. In addition, the round diamond cut is sparkly, bright, and colorful, thanks to the beautiful refracted light. 

Round cut diamonds can be incorporated into many settings. For example, some brides-to-be prefer to wear them on their own, while others love the look of a round cut diamond ring among other stones and styles. 

Benefits of the Round Cut

  • Classic
  • Simple
  • Versatile

8. Pear-Shaped

Pear-shaped stones make for breathtakingly elegant rings. Also called teardrop rings, they resemble a teardrop with one rounded side and one pointed side. You will see all kinds of gemstones cut into pear shapes today, not only diamonds! It is also a popular choice for emeralds, sapphires, rubies, and more.

Pear-shaped stones are considered an extremely trendy cut. They are an eye-catching shape that stands out because it is so unique. What is more, it has a large surface area, which reflects the light beautifully. Therefore, a pear-shaped diamond or another gemstone will catch the light and be stunningly sparkly. 

Like oval cut stones, pear-shaped ones help add some length to your finger. So if you have small hands or just love the illusion of longer digits, a pear-shaped engagement ring could be the perfect choice for you. 

Benefits of the Pear-Shaped Cut

  • Unique
  • Modern
  • Elongating effect

9. Marquise Cut

A marquise cut engagement ring is a regal-looking ring that takes on an old style. Nevertheless, it remains popular, and you will find the cut used for all kinds of gemstones to this day.

A marquise cut is a gemstone shaped like an elongated oval with two pointed ends. Some people say that it resembles an almond. It can be set on its own or combined with a display of other stones. In other words, this elegant, vintage style can be as simple or as opulent as you make it!

Like other elongated styles, the marquise cut is ideal for adding some length to your hand. Meanwhile, the larger stone catches more light, setting off its facets to perfection. 

Though the marquise cut has lapsed out of style for a few years, they are in the midst of a revival. Many couples love the classic elegance and femininity of these delicate rings. 

Benefits of the Marquise Cut

  • Regal
  • Stylish
  • Feminine

10. Emerald Cut 

Don’t let the name of this ring style fool you — any type of gemstone can be an emerald cut, including a diamond! An emerald cut ring is a rectangular stone with cut corners. This can then be layered or offset with other stones. 

Many celebrities have popularized emerald cut stones, and they are certainly an opulent style. The “step cuts” on the stone provide parallel facets, which means a stone with tons of extra sparkle and visual complexity in layman’s terms. 

An emerald cut ring can certainly also stand on its own without any extra stones, facets, or layering. Though the main style is the same, this ring can be stark, elegant, over-the-top, or maximalist, making it a gorgeously versatile choice. 

Benefits of the Emerald Cut

  • Layered
  • Versatile
  • Stylish

Finding The Perfect Engagement Ring in 2022

Many factors go into finding the perfect engagement ring and wedding ring. Ultimately, it is up to you and your fiance to find the perfect style for your ring, whether trendy, vintage, simple, or ornate!