How to Clean a Diamond Ring at Home

how to clean diamond ring at home

Your diamond bridal ring will be one of the most treasured jewelry for you, usually, for two main reasons. One, it holds sentimental value, and second, it is expensive. So, it becomes essential to take good care of this sparkly gem. Most jewelry is easy to clean, but when it comes to a pricey possession, it’s better to go with the experts for how to clean diamond ring at home.

The DIY Approach to Ring Care

If you are looking for routine care for your diamond ring, then here are some essential steps one can use to make their pricey diamonds shine bright with the right technique. 

Step 1: Fill a cup or small bucket with some lukewarm water. Avoid washing them directly on the basin sink; you do not want them to get accidentally washed away, now do you?

Step 2: Pour mild detergent or hand wash liquid in the water and mix well. Avoid using excessive amounts of soap or detergent; just enough volume to make the water foamy. 

Step 3: Place your Diamond ring in the foamy water and let it stay there for 5 to 10 minutes. This step will allow any grimes or greases to break down.

Step 4: Remove the ring off the water & with a sensitive bristle brush start cleaning it. Keep on adding the soapy water if required. Ensure to brush the edges and insides of the ring; the usual dirt build-up occurs right there. 

If your solitaire engagement ring mounting has a prong style setting, make sure to brush gently and not vigorously. The vigorous brushing may loosen up the prongs, and the entire diamond may become unstable in the setting.  

Step 5: After brushing, place the ring back again in the water solution and clean it in there. This process will allow the dirt to wash off.

Step 6: Fill up another cup or small bucket with clean water to rinse the jewelry. Remember to plug the strainer into the drain in case you decide to wash it under the running water of your sink.

Step 7: Once the ring is cleaned in the water, use a lint-free or microfiber cloth to dry it. These clothes won’t let the threads sit in the ring. Make sure to dry the ring immediately and not let it dry on its own as this may evaporate the water and leave white stains on the ring.

Step 8: Once done, do a proper inspection for any loose setting or scratches on the metal.

Pro tip: If you prefer using a jewelry cleaner, always do thorough research and make sure the Jewelry cleaner or polisher is Non-Abrasive and Chemical-free. If there are any chemicals in the solution, your gems may react with them and lose their color and durability.

ConclusionA clean and polished diamond has a charismatic brilliance that epitomizes the love showered on you during a proposal. Hence, it should be maintained well to preserve its sentimental value. We hope these simple and easy steps come in handy when cleaning your diamond engagement ring the next time. 

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