Infographic: Fashion Trends During 20th Century


Each decade during the 20th century bespeaks the resurgence in fashion and bring back the opulent memory of the past. People and prominent styles became applauded during every decade. People immensely followed the trends of the times, some as a form of self-expression others as rebellions. Fashion has been greatly influenced by social movements, politics, war and many more. 

Vintage style dresses were eclectic, varied and ostentatious. Prominent shape corset, Gibson hairstyle, and stiff collars were popular and much-loved trends during the 1900s. Ribbon, lace and other assortment were key elements. Since 18th-century fashion evolved spectacularly! The fashion of 1910 was defined by short dresses and big hats. The dress length was stepped-up from floor to ankle. 

Fashion took a radical change during the 1950s decade. 50 style dresses were all about playful floral prints, swing dress, tea dresses, and classy body-flattering sheath dress often addressed as a wiggle dress. Sporting a vintage-inspired rich and exotic look is one of the many style obsessions among fashionistas, and they look uber-stylish and chic in them. Unquestionable, every decade of advancement improved the quality of life of women and their ability of self-expression rose exponentially.

This infographic is not merely a visual guide through the 20th century, but a source of inspiration and encouragement for vintage enthusiasts. You can pick your favourite decade and experiment; the choices are endless. 

Let’s take a journey through the past and gain some fashion knowledge about interesting trends that marked the century of self-expression and progress for women. To know more feel free to scroll through the infographic for inspiration.

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