11 Hottest Jewelry Fashion Trends For Women in 2020

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Since you know, 2020 is already here, and it has bought with it, some big jewelry trend changes. So, here I am sharing 11 hottest fashion jewelry trends that will be in the limelight in 2020. 

Stackable bracelets

   This year, one will not be enough. Wearing multiple bracelets at a time will be one of the hottest jewelry trends that will require fewer efforts and more showing off your bracelet collection. Decent and delicate bracelets stacked with a bold statement bracelet will give a look you long for.

Pro tip – Wear the bracelets with your smartwatch to add the glam.

Decent Danglers

   You have been decorating your ear with the most beautiful jewels all these years, but now its time to shift to relatively more decent earrings. 2020 will be all about flaunting your elegance to the world. So with those swinging danglers, show them what you got.

Pro tip – Wear the most beautiful danglers as the only piece of jewel to enhance the appearance.

Chakra jewelry

   Many people are getting aware of their chakras’ health this year, thus healing chakra jewelry is coming up as the hottest new jewelry trends this year. The chakra jewelry with or without gemstones will be the reason for your enhanced beauty. This is both from within and outside.

Pro tip – If you are wearing chakra jewelry, then use one kind of chakra at a time.

Rough stone 2

   This year go fine with your skills and rough with your jewelry. Rough stones jewelry is one of the new hottest jewelry trends this year. If you have a good knowledge of semi-precious gemstones, this is the trend to grab your attention. So, add these rough stones to your jewelry collection now.

Pro tip – Wear rough stone jewelry with the most elegant outfit to add a touch of class.

Simplicity Never Fades

   This year or any year, plain silver rings can never go out of style. The mesmerizing designs curated out of sterling silver will be the best jewelry piece to rely on when nothing else works. This will give the most elegant appearance to your regular outfit.

Pro tip – Wear a maximum of two plain silver rings at a time, as overdoing will kill the vibe.

Multicolored Stones

  Colors never fail to mesmerize anyone, and this year is the year of colors. The trend studies show that multicolored gemstones will be one of the most sought after and hottest fashion jewelry trends this year. The best part is, you do not have to worry about matching jewels.

Pro tip – Do not wear all the colors at once; it will make the appearance very clingy.

Shell jewelry

   Yes, here I am talking about the seashells. Who would have thought that these sea creatures will someday find their way to the jewelry boxes of most women? Seashell jewelry is very hyped among the travelers this year and thus gained the seventh position in the hottest new jewelry trends list.

Pro tip – Never wear shell jewelry to any formal gathering.

Big chains

   When I say giant, I mean huge. These chains are among the hottest jewelry trends this year. Gone are the days of those delicate little chains to enhance your neckline. This year, wear the bold statement chains and flaunt your style to be the style icon.

Pro tip – Wear the giant chain solo, with no other accessory to compliment it.

Gemstone choker

   Chokers are gaining their long lost popularity back this year. This year is the year of gemstone chokers. Behold the beauty of these chokers when you wear them and be the talk of the town. The gemstone chokers will never disappoint you when it comes to the appearance.

Pro tip – Wear chokers with high neck dresses to get the best look.

Boho jewelry

Boho, in itself, is a way of living. And the casual & funky jewelry associated with boho culture is among the list of hottest jewelry trends this year. No matter whether or not you can follow a bohemian lifestyle, but including some boho jewels to your collection is something you should not miss at all.

Pro tip – Boho jewelry will be fabulous for any occasion provided it is carried nicely.

Stackable rings

This is the evergreen trend that can never go out of style. Even this year, stacking rings is in the top 11 hottest jewelry trends list. Wear multiple rings in one finger or wear different rings in various fingers; either way, it will give a gorgeous appearance.

Pro tip – Do not overdo the stacking as it will spoil the elegance.

So, these were the top 11 hottest jewelry trends for this year, which will let you stand out from the crowd.

Follow these latest trends to your comfort and never be scared to experiment with your style.

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