Linen Fabric: Introduction, Useful Properties, and its Types

Start: Linen is a flax-based textile that is used as clothing for a variety of needs. It is very much similar to cotton fiber and useful in hot climates. Linen cloth is derived from the stems of the flax plant instead of bolls near the cotton plant. A great variety of linen is found in Ukraine and Western Europe. Despite its major business in European countries, its finest quality linen cloth is found in countries like Italy, Ireland, and Belgium. Whereas the largest producers of linen fabrics are China and Eastern Europe.

Properties of Linen Fabric

Almost zero fluff or lint

Linen comes with zero fluff and based on the weaving pattern the stuff might be puffy or not. Linen is fluff-free and It was used in a variety of facemasks and was found effective during pandemic situations. Linen outperforms the competition when drying items like glass since lint is very unpleasant. Another thing is that it is also found in the kitchen. It is also helpful for wounds and allergic conditions. Before the disposal alternatives, the linen bandage was the standard. 

It is antibacterial

Almost all types of linen cloth can prevent bacterial development in some way or another. When it was tested against staphylococcus, it resulted in 30-55% inexact data. Bacteria is the odor in the body and linen cloth lasts longer.

You must have listened to the advertisements on tv regarding using antibacterial liquid to use in the kitchen. They emphasize the number of bacteria on sponges and washcloths. A linen cloth harbors fewer bacteria which is less of a concern. Linen fabric is odorless and saves users from bacteria.

Linen can also resist sterilizing while boiling. With a wooden spoon, put it into simmering water for about 10 minutes and that’s all there is to it. 


Dampness will be removed by the linen, preventing a sweaty feeling. It will dry the cloth and you too. If the weather is cold outside, it will keep you warm inside the cloth. There can be possibilities of such characteristics of other clothes but linen fabric is found best in this.

You would not like a damp face due to a certain cloth mask but linen dries quickly in the air. Linen is highly absorbent and does not retain moisture in it. Due to its moisture-resistant quality, your skin also remains comfy. 

It is also found ideal for changing weather conditions. For example, if the temperature is chilly near you, linen cloth keeps you warm inside and if it is hotter outside, it maintains your body temperature and prevents overheating.

Say goodbye to restless nights and relax with linen clothing. Whether you are sleeping in the air conditioner at night but it keeps you warm and does not let you face a cold or cough and keeps you comfortable at night. 


Linen is also found ideal for delicate skin or sensitive for different fabrics. It has no allergic effect. It is found to be the best alternative for mattresses and bedding for asthmatics as it is completely hypoallergenic and fluff-free. It can also be beneficial for patients with asthma due to its thermoregulation property.

Durable and can be machine washed

Linen fibers become strong when they are wet. Yes, it can be machine-washed. Linen cloth is less likely to be damaged when washed in machines as flax fibers are studier when they are wet. This is basically, linen fabric is woven in a moist environment to boost the yarn’s strength. 

Types of Linen Fabric

 Damask Linen

This type of linen is delicate and ornate. It is formed on a jacquard loom to produce results that are similar to embroidery. It is designed for everyday life and is mostly used in decorative items.

Plain Woven Linen

Plain woven linen fabric is commonly used for hand towels, cotton towels, and dish towels. It is loosely woven and highly durable but does not decrease in durability.

Loosely woven Linen

It is a highly absorbent but least durable type of linen fabric. It is mostly used for making diapers and sanitary napkins.

Sheeting Linen

Linen apparel is mostly made from sheeting linen fabric due to its soft surface, untextured, and close weave quality. This linen fabric has a higher thread count than any other form of linen cloth.


Linen fabric is used highly due to its unique properties and it is breathable, clean, durable, and easy to use qualities. It is also found effective for skin-sensitive people due to its allergenic property. It can keep you cool in hot temperatures and warm on colder days. Buy it from online sources now.