Master Any Look with these Luxurious Hair Barrettes


Hair Barrettes have made a huge comeback! These classic hair accessories are everywhere these days. People are lately going gala over the latest improved & sophisticated designs of hair barrettes. From embellished& glittery hair barrettes to elegant ones, the hair accessory is taking the fashion world to another level.

These hair accessories are great because they can tie your outfit together. They can decorate your hair while adding polish & style to your hair.

There is a wide range of handmade elegant, beautiful, glittery, and encrusted with crystals hair barrettes to indulge in this season. Here are a few handmade hair barrettes to help you embrace the resurgence of the throwback trend. The barrettes are suitable for all hair types & lengths, figure out what works the best for you and get ready to turn heads.

  • Geometric/Shape Hair Clip

Geometric design or Shape clips are trending huge this season. They are versatile as they are can be worn for almost any event, may it be formal or informal. For a statement look, place these hair clips one after another on your hair. You can also pair it with your bun or half-tied hair to get an amazing look. 

This handmade classic circle shaped hair barrette takes your look to the next level.  It is handmade from bioplastic- cellulose acetate that further makes it a better option to choose.  The hair clip is encrusted with original Swarovski crystals & curated to perfect design with 3D engraving. 

  • Fancy Bow-shaped Barrette 

This handmade hair barrette in chocolate & white color combination helps you to get a sophisticated & elegant look. The hair ornament is perfect for achieving that grown-up feel.

Wear the hair barrette to secure a bun or tie the hair at the end of the head. You can also pair it with half- tied hair or side-parted hair to add a simple touch of style to an otherwise simple look.

This hair barrette is handmade in France. It is skin-friendly made from cellulose acetate where the metal part is made of white bronze without nickel & prevents any kind of skin allergies. 

  • Luxurious Traditional Barrette 

The traditional design of hair barrette is iconic that can never go out of style. Although the traditional design is replaced with modern sophisticated intricate work on the barrette that makes it much more appealing than before.

Try out the hair barrette when heading to the office or going out to a cocktail party.  It gets your hairdo noticed with its classic white & black color combination. Plus, the barrette is hand crusted with original crystals and rubber anti-slip innovation.  The rubber anti-slip innovation prevents the barrette from sliding down your hair all day through. It also won’t damage your hair by pulling them in between two metal parts. 

  • Chic-style  Hair Barrette  

The hair barrette helps to attain that classic chic look in just a few minutes. Try out this cute & chic hair barrette to decorate any hairstyles from simple to intricate.

You can wear the hair barrette to business meetings, formal social events, casual outings, and all other kinds of occasions. It is suitable for hair types like fine hair, medium hair, and short hair. 

  • Beautiful Bow-Tie Barrette 

This handmade hair barrette complements your look perfectly. The barrette is a perfect blend of fashion & function that elevates your occasional outfit. 

Try out the barrette with half-tie or completely tie hair. You can also wear the barrette at the end of the braid to secure it properly & add style to the hairdo. 

  • Classic Hair Barrette 

The handmade barrette helps you to glam up even the most casual of outfits. It helps you create a perfect & stunning style.You can flaunt your style with this hair barrette beautifully. 

The hair barrette can be worn for side-parted & half-tie hairstyles with a little touch of creativity in the hairstyles. Try out the hair barrette when you just need to keep your hair strands away from your face or decorating the hair into any hairstyle.

It is created with precious bioplastic- cellulose acetate, which has up to 95% natural ingredients such as wood & cotton. The barrette is hand crusted with original Swarovski crystals which makes it perfect to wear for a night at the Theater, Opera or Ballet and all other kinds of occasions.

  • Ornament Hair Barrette

This handmade hair barrette is an eye-catching hair accessory perfect for an edgier look.  The hair accessory is curated to subtle shape that makes it a must- to have an accessory for women.

The hair barrette can be worn to pin back a small section of soft waves to one side of your face or secure full hair at the end. You can wear the hair accessory at a party, date night or informal social gatherings. 

Get your hands on one of the hair barrettes or all of them to stay ahead on the hottest fashion trend. 

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