The Best Colors for a Wedding Dress


If something is more than clear on the theme of weddings is that the colors have become a watershed when it comes to marking styles, atmospheres, and endless environments. With the passing of the seasons and the changing trends, there is no doubt that great transformations are coming, which manage to surprise and make each celebration more likely to show its essence as it gives rise.

On this occasion, I tell you what will be the official colors for weddings. I am sure that next season brings us great creative challenges, do you join in designing the wedding of your dreams?

The official colors for weddings 2020 that will conquer your senses

And, it is that the intensity and forgetting of the limits will become the keys to get a wedding that has character, essence, and a charming personality. The classics reinvent themselves, so you will no longer have to opt for the tones that everyone dominates, but for new spectra that will help you create contrasts, spotlights, and a vibrant tonal proposal in flowers and details.

  1. Flame Scarlet

“Flame Scarlet” one of the official colours that will undoubtedly set the tone in wedding design. This tone is characterized by its intensity, yes, but also by the versatility it has. In the case of your big day, you can adapt it without problems to the floral proposal, as well as certain accessories that look on the table assemblies (the colour of the candles, for example).

The best thing is that the scarlet can be added to natural wood textures in order to create a rustic reception with luxury touches and a lot of sophistication.

2. Saffron

It seems that yellow arrives with all the attitude and this tone will be one of the officers for weddings. The Saffron has a lot of character and, believe it or not. It is ideal for endless details at your wedding. The first thing you can do with it is to take it as a base for your wedding ladies’ dresses, although you can also make it manifest in candles, textiles, printed menus, and, of course, in flowers. 

Everything goes as long as you maintain that dreamlike personality.

3. Classic Blue

If you are looking for a synonym for elegance and classic spirit, in this colour, you can find everything you need. The Classic Blue is vital to integrate it into a wedding that never goes out of style, and you can do it in many ways. Tableware designs will be your best allies to give prominence to your vitality, as well as table runners, cushions, tablecloths, and glassware.

For the effect of your big day to be greater, remember to look beyond the obvious and choose a place that already has this tonal proposal in its design.

4. Chive

Ideal for alternative weddings and in contact with nature, this herbal green is positioned as the perfect bet to bring harmony to your wedding. To give it a presence, there is nothing better than betting on dresses for ladies, which you can combine with other official colors for weddings. 

Foliage and all kinds of plants will help you achieve the effect you need, making them protagonists in arches with flowers and other ornaments that add bohemian essence to the decoration. Remember that you can always opt for natural species and candles in this tone. If you are searching for a dress online, head to the best pret collection for sale here.

4. Coral Pink

To create a very warm environment on your wedding day, Coral Pink, one of the official colours for weddings 2020, will be the best option. This is beautiful and very feminine, although it can also be adapted perfectly to the style of the boys, in alternative costumes, and very fashionable. In the case of the wedding, I propose to make the design of all your social stationery with this tone, accompanying it with ribbons and ties that improve not only the decoration but also your bridal look.

The flowers, of course, cannot be missed to create the atmosphere for the most romantic moments.

Now, the time has come for you to choose your official colours for your favourite weddings. Pay close attention to the tones that will undoubtedly transform the aesthetics of your great day in seconds! Remember that the most important thing is that this reflects who you are, what you like, and the creative proposal you have given to one of the best days of your life, there is no more.

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