Shein vs. Amazon – Is Fast Fashion Dressed for Success

Shein vs. Amazon – Is Fast Fashion Dressed for Success

Clothing fashion is something which keeps on changing with time. What is trending today will become out of fashion next year. There are various clothing options available for an individual to try. Between clothing and changing trends, fashion brands and websites like- Myntra, Amazon, Shien, Flipkart, etc,  gained a lot of popularity.  People shop a lot from these sites. The reason is their frequent changing trends and varieties of options available on these sites. 

People often judge brands based on them. These parameters may be product quality, design, style, etc. People often get confused between what to choose and which clothing site to prefer? Therefore to save you from being misguided in this article we have done a detailed comparison between the most two popular sites – Amazon and Shien. 

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The global fashion retailer- Shien is owned by Chris Xu and is of Chinese origin whereas Amazon is considered to be “Earth’s most customer-centric company” and is of American origin and is founded by Jeff Bezos. Talking about popularity both the brands are famous among crowds but putting them on an equal scale will not be justified. According to the survey conducted, the China-based fashion company has overtaken Amazon in the list of popularity and downloading rate. Shien has not only become the most downloaded fashion app but has also become the iconic face of “Tik Tok”  surpassing all others including Amazon.

The decreased popularity of Amazon over Shien has amazing people and put them to think the reason behind the success of the Chinese startup- Shien. 

But, one cannot underestimate Amazon. When it comes to serving people, Amazon comes first. It has been in the race for many years and is satisfying customers with its top-class service with more numbers of views till 2020.  There are many parameters where Amazon is still a good choice over Shien. So! Jumping to a conclusion will not be fair enough without knowing anything in detail. 

Points that every Amazon buyer should know- 

  • When it comes to Amazon, surfing becomes easier. One can easily check out the available categories without any hassle. 
  • Delivery charges rates are still more favorable than many others. Amazon charges only 49.9% over delivery.
  • Products on Amazon are worth your money and you need not wait for long to get things in stock. Amazon keeps a regular check on updating its stocks.
  • One will find clothes of all brands. Right from small to top brands to satisfy their needs.
  • The prices of the products on Amazon are quite less as it charges a pricing rate of 38.2% only. 
  • For many fashion lovers, Amazon is the best option. 
  • It also offers two-day free shipping deals to its users. 

Points that every Shien buyer should know- 

  • Shien being new in the race offers easy search and login options to its users. 
  • Shien is best when it comes to choosing an outfit for women. 80% of the gallery is for women. 
  • Also, the price it charges is still lower than many other competitors. 
  • Shien keeps on updating its clothes (about 3000 styles) weekly.
  • Shien also gives free exchange and return options to the users. 
  • In case you are new to Shien, then you will get some special offers with easy payment options. 
  • Despite having Chinese origin, Shien is popular in the US too.

Amazon Vs. Shien.

StartedAmazon was established by Jeff Bezos in 1994. Shien was set up by Chris Xu in 2008. 
Country of originUSAChina
Detailed historyAmazon was launched as a bookseller platform but has expanded itself to selling fashion websites.  Shien has always been a fast-fashion retailer. 
Shop inventoriesAmazon Essentials and other brands available offer fast-fashion clothing lines for men, women, and children.Fully sells fast fashion apparel & accessories for men, women, and kids.
Key FeaturesThe line covers economical wardrobe necessities as well as rapid fashion.Mainly focuses on women’s fast-fashion clothing at cheaper prices.
Payment optionsPay with Credit, debit cards, Visa, Mastercard,American Express,Ewallets, DiscoverAffirmPay With Credit/Debit Card, PayPal, AfterPay, Klarna, Zip
Zip7User base98 million per month. 7 million in a month.
Countries Available in230 countries & regions globally, USA, Spain, France, Russia, Germany, Italy, Australia, Middle East200 countries, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, India, USA.
Ranking in the USARanks 2 amongst top shopping appsRanks 1 amongst top shopping apps
  1. Comparison based on Design and Style of dress- 

When it comes to ranking it is very clear from the above table that Shien has a larger fan base and will continue to outshine itself in the coming years. Being a fashion hub Shien has been ranked 2nd  most favorite website of teens. When it comes to designs, Shien claims to upload 500 new designs on its sites every day surpassing many fashion-dominating sites. With unlimited wardrobe options, Shien also offers an exclusive range of home decorating items, fashion accessories, and more. Given below is the list of Shien’s best clothing categories and top-selling categories- 

Best clothing categoriesTop-selling categories
Coats & JacketsBoho, dresses
Plus size zoneLingerie
Wedding dressesLounge and sleepwear

Shien makes sure to fulfill all the demands of its users and claims to keep them updated with the latest trends. On the other hand, Amazon fulfills the basic clothing needs of the user. Going through Amazon’s gallery, one will find 50 different fashion categories- starting from daily wear clothes, lingerie, traditional Indian dresses for different occasions items related to sports, to clothing along with other useful stuff for infants and children, etc. Given below is the list of Amazon’s best clothing categories and top-selling categories- 

Best fashion brandsDesigns available
Daily ritualsLoungewear, hoodies, sweatshirt, tanks, tees, etc.
Cable stitch styleKnitted sweaters, dresses, etc. 
Amazon essentialsRegular gear for the whole family, stockings, pajamas, puffer jackets, etc. 
Mae stylesT-shirt bras, lace bralette, no-show underwear, sleepwear, etc.
Core 10 stylesSports bras, working-clothing activewear, hoodies, etc. 
Good threadAmazon essentials and daily rituals which include daily wear clothes.
Lark and RoWork staples, wrap dresses, blouses, cashmere, trench coats, etc. 
The fixSandals, heels, sneakers, flats, etc. 
The dropWrap dresses, leather plants, teddy bears, sockets, etc. 
Wild meadowTank knit swim dress, ruffle hem top, Spaghetti dress, cropped tees, etc. 
  1. Comparison based on Quality-

Whenever we buy clothes, the very first thing which we look for is the quality of the material. Comparing the both, shopping from Shien does not satisfy you in terms of quality. The main reason behind this is the manufacturing of clothes in small, low-cost factories. But! It is not that bad either. Some last for a longer period whereas some lag behind. So! Whenever you plan to buy something from Shien it is recommended to go through all the reviews first to get a better idea as different brands have different qualities. 

Talking about Amazon, it offers top brands outfits to its users but somehow lacks in satisfying them in terms of quality. It is famous for selling low-cost duplicate first copies similar to the original copy. Also, the price is not at all worth the quality it offers. However, it never lags in terms of copying fashion industries to establish and publicize itself. Well! We advise you to go through current customer reviews before buying anything.

  1. Comparison based on price and discounts- 

There is no doubt that Amazon and Shien are today’s leading fashion faces. People with a rigorous budget can still refer to these sites to shop within the budget. They have an exclusive collection of various low-budget attractive attires which one can easily buy at the lowest prices. Here’s a brief comparison between the two- 

Shien in a very less time has become the fashion icon for many on the international level and has grabbed the attention with its fabulous unique designs at very low prices. The reason is its tie-up with wholesalers for the manufacturing of clothes. Comparing the prices, Shien grabs the first position in terms of offering low-budget clothes. Starting price on Shien is  $2 and goes up to $170 whereas the starting price on Amazon is $6 and goes up to $200. 

There is no doubt that both Shien and Amazon are perfect options to shop while saving your money. But, the main attractions are- Coupons, incentive programs, gift cards, etc offered by these sites which work to save your money. 

The cherry on the top, these sites welcome every new customer with a welcome discount. 

  1. Comparison between Shipping Methods, Delivery cost, Time- 

When it comes to the method of shipping, customers don’t know much about it. Also, it is important to know the amount they charge for delivery and the time they take to deliver the product. Both of the sites have different strategies and methods of shipping. Therefore you need to give a review for the services they give to you. This will help to make certain changes to level up their performance. 

Talking about Shien, it has warehouses in 220 countries to deliver its products. Though Shien is blocked in India, people living in countries like- France, Russia, Germany, Italy, the U.S, Australia, the Middle East, etc. There are three shipping methods available on Shien- 

  • Economy Shipping
  • Standard Shipping
  • Express Shipping

Economy shipping offered by Shien is known to be very affordable and cheap as compared to the other two. Ordering your products from these shipping methods will deliver your products within two-three weeks. 

Standard shipping delivery has most opted one by the users and it takes 2-3 weeks to deliver the product. This shipping method is available in most countries with an affordable range. 

The express shipping method is the most costly among the three but one good thing is that the customers will get their order as soon as possible e., within one or two weeks. 

Talking about Amazon, Amazon gives fast delivery services to their prime members either by FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) or FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant). In Fulfillment by Amazon method of shipping, to increase the sale of their product the seller proposes additional benefits to the users. To order from the Fulfillment by Amazon method, customers can opt for two methods-

  • Supers Saver Shipping Sellers which is standard shipping.
  • Amazon Prime, which is Prime Shipping. 
  1. Comparison based on Return Policy

When it comes to accepting the return request of the customers both the sites have easy and flexible procedures. Also, both Amazon and Shien do not charge anything. 

Talking about Amazon, it follows a standard policy to return things. Anything purchased from Amazon can be returned within 30 days of receipt. Also, at the time of festivals, Amazon offers some exciting deals on your purchase with free delivery options in some cases. Not only this, your return period gets increased to Jan 31st of the following year when placed in order between November 1st – December 31st. 

When you drop your return request Amazon takes a time of 1-2 weeks to refund the amount in your bank account.

Whereas Shien also follows a satisfactory return policy by offering a longer returning period of 45 days as compared to that of Amazon. There is no limit on the number of items to be returned in one order except that only one item can be returned for free and for the rest of the items you have to pay an additional amount of $7.99. The refund will be credited within 10-15 days from the day of return. Shien will either refund your money in your Shien’s wallet or on your original payment

However, there are some products on both the sites which they don’t have any return or exchange policy. So! We recommend you read the instructions thoroughly before placing an order. 

Final View

Though Shien is growing unexpectedly and has had more viewers over the past few years, one cannot underestimate and surpass Amazon. 

When it comes to following the latest fashion trends and unique designs Shien is the name that first strikes our mind but when it comes to offers and discounts, Amazon is the first choice of the customers. You can never tell who will surpass whom in the coming times. However, Amazon can beat Shien in popularity by taking an innovative approach and by making some much-needed changes.