Top 5 Laser Hair Removal Services in Fort Lauderdale

Laser hair removal has become popular over the years, with many women opting for this service to get rid of unwanted hair without waxing or using razors. This procedure involves using a laser beam to target the hair root follicles, causing them to die.

As a result, the hair falls out naturally, leaving you with smooth skin and a great appearance. However, some women experience side effects like redness, skin color changes, itching, pain, and skin infections after undergoing laser hair removal treatments, although this is rare.

Laser hair removal professionals should discuss your needs and determine your candidacy for the treatment before any procedure begins. You will be required to schedule treatment a few weeks early and provide information on your medical history, like allergies, chronic illnesses, and surgeries. You should also mention any medications you are on, including supplements, vitamins, and anything with beta carotene or medications that cause photosensitivity.

Here are five services for laser hair removal in Fort Lauderdale to get the skin of your dreams.

1. Chin

Having a desirable face and body is no longer an unreachable dream. With laser hair removal Fort Lauderdale, you can remove unwanted hair in your chin area to reveal your beautiful jaws and accentuate your appearance. The chin falls in the category of a small area, meaning the procedure will only take a few minutes. However, you need to provide a detailed list of your skin care products and ask for a patch test to check your tolerance level toward the treatment.

2. Lip

Laser hair removal in Fort Lauderdale allows you to remove unwanted hair on your upper lip. If your hairy upper lip embarrasses you, you can use laser hair removal for long-term results. The procedure is perfectly safe and provides the best results. The professional provides adequate information regarding hair removal on this sensitive skin to dispel your fear and make you comfortable.

The lip is in the small areas category of laser hair removal, and the treatment takes a few minutes and will provide lasting results. However, professionals recommend that you don’t remove the hair two to four weeks before the treatment, avoid tanning beds and bronzers, and always use sunscreen.

3. Forearms and Upper Arms

Your forearms and upper arms are in the category of the medium area, and treatment may take relatively longer than your chin or lip. Although you may experience discomfort, it is nothing compared to waxing. The treatment requires 6 to 9 sessions four to eight weeks apart for optimal results. If you feel self-conscious about your hairy forearms and upper arms, you are a great candidate for laser hair removal in Fort Lauderdale.

4. Upper and Lower Legs

Most women cannot comfortably wear shorts or short skirts because of their hairy legs. Laser hair removal in Fort Lauderdale has you covered to get beautiful and smooth legs that you will want to flaunt. The team ensures your comfort before, during, and after the procedure, eliminating anxiety, especially if it’s your first treatment.

5. Upper Chest and Abdomen

The upper chest and abdomen cover the full chest and fall in the category of the large area. This treatment is ideal for men with excessive hair in these parts. The treatment is customized to fit your personal preferences, hair color, and skin type to provide natural-looking results. The procedure has minimal pain, although a patch test is best to check for sensitivity and tenderness before treatment.


With a team comprising certified aestheticians and laser technicians, you are guaranteed the best quality laser hair removal in fort Lauderdale that will exceed your expectations. In addition, laser treatment success is highly dependent on the team’s equipment. So, laser hair removal in Fort Lauderdale has invested in state-of-the-art equipment to deliver successful treatments.