Things to Carry in your Tote Bag for Summer Vacation

Tote Bag

Summers mean hitting a beach on vacation. Beach is not only for swimming but there are a lot of things to do. But before arriving at the beach, the idea of packing can be stressful, especially smaller items. So go for choosing a stylish tote bag that includes everything you want within reach during your beach day out.

A weekend to the beach lets you get vitamin D, drinking chilled drinks while enjoying with friends. Before you put your toes on the beach let’s talk about the beach must have except your beach dress and a towel that is must in your large tote bags meant for the beach.

Beach bag: 

The foremost thing is large tote bags that allow you to carry all your beach essentials. Go for picking the perfect style for this summer. Go only for a bag that is water and sand proof. 


Sunscreen is the key thing in your summer bag. Just toss the sunscreen in your sailcloth tote bag and you don’t have worry while exposing to the sun. It will protect sunburns and help you prevent from UV rays.

Hair oil for the beach

Beach waves are a combination of salt and water and will harm your hair. Add rick oil in your bag tote that will be great for your hair (especially if it’s been color-treated).

Sun expert Lip Balm:

Just like your skin is affected by sun rays your lips are too. So, take with you the lip balm SPF 15 or higher that you can apply to keep healthy. If not balm, go for gloss and protect your pout.


You have packed your sailcloth tote bags with skin and lip items but don’t forget about your eyes! Throw the sunglasses on your bag to protect your precious eyes as you never know when the sun will peek out. Pack your bag totes with a high-quality pair that works well and makes you feel great.

Facial Wipes: 

After a long day at the beach, it normal to get sweat. Saltwater and sunscreen also make for a sticky blend on your skin. So, keep facial wipes with you. It will help you to refresh by just wiping away all the dirt.   

Beach spiker

It’s very irritating when sand sticks to all your beach drinks. Getting spiker along with you prevents your belongings like phone drinks, etc from the sand.

Water Bottle: 

Don’t forget to add a water bottle in your large tote bags as it is essential to keep yourself hydrated in the summer. When you are exposed to sen the whole day, your body will lose water much faster than normal. So, drink enough water. 

A Hat: 

Just like sunscreen and sunglasses, wearing a hat also protects you from the harsh rays of the sun. also, it will protect your hair from waves and getting messed up. 

Beach Games: 

Bring something to play like paddleball, volleyball, or some sports equipment that will keep you busy and entertained all day.

Reading Material:

If you love reading, then go for adding reading material on your beach tote. Reading material will keep you busy while relaxing on a beach as there’s nothing more relaxing than lying in the sun.

Do carry all these summer essentials with you to spend a perfect beach day out with your loved ones. Don’t miss to carry eatables with you.

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