Top 4 Places to Buy Cool Vibe Korean Clothing


Since the Hallyu wave took center stage, a lot of people in the Western hemisphere have consistently searched for the latest fads in Korean fashion. 

Koreans have an impeccable style of wearing the most basic pieces that give clothes an unimaginable modern look. However, this doesn’t mean that you should just mix and match anything and everything from anywhere in Korea. 

There might be many stores you can check out if you want to get decked up in the latest Korean fashion but only a few provide the best in quality. If you are looking to set out into the stylish world of K-fashion without breaking the bank, here is a list of four places you can start your adventure into Korean fashion.   

1. The Handsome

If you prefer minimalist, basic, pieces, then The Handsome is the right online store for you. The Handsome has an amazing way of styling its outfits that most of their casual pieces are featured in plenty of K-Drama shows. 

The Handsome sells clothes from many Korean brands such as System, SJSJ, Mine, and Time, which are considered some of the elite brands in the K-fashion space. 

Visit to learn more about everything they’ve stocked from pleasant shades to popular urban wear and even some standard garments.

2. Kooding 

Kooding came up as a way of connecting people from across the globe to Eastern trends. The brand has an amazing collection of fun dresses, skirts, shoes, and designer bags, all at friendly prices. 

Kooding constantly updates its catalog to accommodate trends in minimal, classic, and modern styles. Its pieces are timeless and very difficult to pass off if you’re looking for the best. 

3. YesStyle

Founded in 2006, YesStyle has evolved into a great place for the best pieces in Korean fashion and is highly ideal for those who’re just starting out into the world of K-Fashion. 

The store stocks Korean-designed pieces for women, children, and men. It even has some premium Korean brands such as Chuu, Michyeora, and Icecream12. The store also sells Korean cosmetics, making YesStyle a one-stop-shop for Korean fashion and beauty products.

YesStyle ships to a host of countries in Asia and Europe and also offers free express delivery to customers in the United States for purchases worth $59 and more.

4. 66girls

Finding fitting Korean pieces can be quite a hassle at times, on account of their varied clothing sizes. However, at 66girls, you have a wide variety of lovely Korean-inspired pieces with practical size options. 

Not only will you find clothes worth your size, but you’ll also find many cool pieces for all ages at very affordable prices. The online store offers free shipping to the United States for purchases worth over $82.   

Make Your Own Style

When it comes to K-fashion, you should always try and combine clothes that have a minimalistic design with conspicuous accessories. However, at the end of the day, what matters is what style appeals to you the most. 

Listen to your fashion instinct as you shop from any of the websites mentioned above so you can feel and look confident in your choice of style.  

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