Top Activewear Brands for Women

Buying a new set of workout clothes for women works wonders in boosting your confidence and enthusiasm, especially during periods of lethargy and demotivation. Activewear that is the right size while embodying an aesthetic appeal, has the power to uplift your mood and strengthen your conviction towards fitness. Gym wear for women is created to support your body’s posture, whilst raising your morale during tiring workouts. Products manufactured by women’s activewear brands today, not only aim at providing high functionality but are also used as a means to make bold and vivid statements of empowerment and diversity. Having an impeccable fitting, coupled with eye-catching colours and designs, workout clothes for women aim to bolster pride and satisfaction for your own figure.

The list below includes the top activewear brands for women that focus on providing a comfortable and hassle-free workout experience to females worldwide, by creating products that yield optimum performance, whilst looking trendy and stylish both inside and outside the gym.


SQUATWOLF’s range of workout clothes for women is both expansive as well as top-quality. With a symphony of lightweight fabric, flawless knitting, advanced technology, and unrestrictive design; SQUATWOLF’s line of women’s gym wear seems to be akin to the Holy Grail. Among these, some of the famous products that are bound to upgrade your workout routines include, crop tops aimed at providing comfort, leggings engineered to be elastic whilst giving a seamless fitting, shorts that promote ease of movement during cycling, and the list goes on.

In SQUATWOLF’s category of gym clothes for women, careful consideration is given to choosing the right sports bra, in order to provide the best support for all your diverse needs. This is made possible by dividing sports bras into three categories; low, medium, and high impact, which basically refer to the type of exercise you are planning to undergo. The medium impact range includes activities such as cycling and hiking, the low impact range consists of yoga and pilates, while the high impact range is specially designed to be shock absorbent and used in tiring workouts such as cardio and running.


Vibrant colours, stunning designs, and eye-catching patterns; Ryderwear’s line of workout clothes for women is the ultimate definition of dedicated fitness coupled with dauntless fashion. A brand aimed to cater to all your workout apparel needs, may it be light and durable gym wear, flexible and comfortable athletic wear, or trendy and groovy loungewear; Ryderwear has you covered in each and every such aspect. This brand is known for its comfortable and quick-drying fabric, ensuring quality and practicality regardless of any usage scenario. Moreover, it has recently launched its new category of women’s gym wear titled ‘ULTRA’, which promises high capability and functionality during all sorts of intense training sessions, enabling you to perform arduous exercises, untroubled and stress-free.


Lululemon is one of the most famous brands in the activewear market. This brand started off, by selling yoga-centric workout clothes for women. Soon their leggings took the fitness market by storm, for their smooth and light fit, which almost gave a naked feel. After this, they expanded their products by providing superb and stunning gym clothes for women performing all types of exercises including gymming, running, hiking, and so on. The standard of their apparel is so terrific that it is considered to be an investment rather than a purchase. On top of that, to put their amazing products to good use, they also organize free online and in-store yoga classes.


Diversity at its peak, FP Movement is a brand that aims to fulfill a woman’s every gym-wardrobe need. May it be, a costume for swimming, shoes for hiking, leggings for yoga, hoodies for winter runs, or sports bras for workouts, FP Movement has it all. They not only have a vast collection of different types of clothing, but also an extensive allotment of variations in their line-up of workout clothes for women. For instance, their workout tops are further divided into several categories including tanks, tees, long sleeves, etc. FP Movement encourages an active lifestyle outside the gym, by providing apparel and gear for activities such as surfing, trekking, jogging, and other athletics.


ATHLETA is another world-renowned activewear brand, promoting women empowerment and inclusivity. This is done by creating workout clothes for women with wide variations to accommodate different sizes, shapes, styles, and colour schemes. Their gym wear for women is promised to provide exceptional support and easy mobility, whilst looking chic, and giving the feel of a second skin. Their latest winter collection is both aesthetic and comfortable, resulting in an active day, filled with a warm and pleasant sensation.


So if you’re looking to buy a fresh set of women’s gym clothes that would last you years without wearing out, whilst enabling you to have a productive and confidence-filled workout session, then do give the above-mentioned brands a visit. SQUATWOLF triumphs over the rest basically because their products, apart from being of superb quality, are also pretty economical, leading to a worthwhile yet budget-friendly workout experience.