Style the Western Cowboy Hat Correctly – The Essential Guidelines to Adhere to

We have all come across the wranglers and the ranchers who sport the cowboy hats for several reasons. They provide the correct amount of warmth, shade and also keep you secured from the elements. However, the cowboy hat isn’t just restricted to that part of the world. Today, some urban men want to opt-in for this style and wear the western cowboy hat with much elan. And here, it is necessary to stay careful about a few aspects to flaunt your hat in style and confidence. 

Are you in two minds about saying yes to the western cowboy hat? If yes, then it is necessary to adhere to a few guidelines that will enable you to sport the hat correctly. The following pointers can help you decide better. 

  1. Select your hat correctly

When you browse online or through an offline store, you will come across several types of cowboy hats. And there’s always the correct one for you. It would help if you browsed through various styles and sizes so that you come across the best hat. You can also browse through the cattleman, gambler, derby, and the pinched font hat styles. You need to know that John Stetson wasn’t a cowboy by birth. In fact, he belonged to New Jersey and was the son of a hatmaker. Later he introduced the Stetson design back in 1863. Today, you need to get the best fit so that the hat fits you well and correct. 

The felt cowboy hats appear dressier. On the other hand, straw hats are best for daily wear. It would help if you searched for a hat that doesn’t overwhelm you and matches your face shape. There is a chance that you might identify the hat by its suede weave, crystal embellishments, and also the buckle. 

  1. Don’t listen to the naysayers

When you ask a person if you must purchase a cowboy hat, they might tell you not to. Some people might not consider this hat as a stylish hat variant. Hence, you must listen to an expert when it comes to your hat. Avoid the naysayers at all possible costs and go ahead and choose the cowboy hat that you like best. 

  1. It would help if you got started with the basic rules

Make sure that you don’t wear the hat backward. There are several hats comprising a small bow on the lining and all around it is the headband. You need to ensure that the bow appears at the head back and narrow at the front. The lowest point of the hat resides at the back. On the other hand, the highest point is in the front. There are some basics that you must know about the cowboy hat. 

  1. Make sure to work with the angles

Every cowboy hat brim reflects a specific meaning. Hence, you need to know all that you want to project. When the brim is at a level it suggests a straightforward attitude. When you tip the hat down it can reflect an element of seriousness as well as some intrigue. You also have the chance to tilt the cowboy hat slightly so that it reflects your confidence. However, make it a point not to push the brim too far, till such time you wish to appear very friendly.

  1. You need to dress slightly strategically

If you stay in Texas or near it, then it’s better not to overdo the western wear. The flannels, solids, sweaters and plaids are natural to stay beneath the hat. You need to select the remaining outfit in a way that it matches your hat. It’s always a smart call to opt-in for a white T-shirt. And if you decide to sport boots, then you need to do away with anything that looks similar to a cowboy. 

However, if you wish to pair it with your jeans, it’s best to opt for straight-leg jeans. You should avoid jeans with a skinny leg cut and low riders, flares, stonewashed, and cuffs. And for certain occasions which is slightly dressier, you need to sport a cowboy hat along with a blazer to look your best. 

It’s only you who will get to know when things get excess. However, if you opt-in for the “less is more” philosophy while dressing, you can never go wrong. It’s best to wear only a single western-inspired item at one time. That will get you more admirers. If you are wearing the cowboy hat for the first time, you might want to avoid mullets, chaps, studs, fringe, and dusters. And if the ensemble offers you a very fresh look, you might want to pull back slightly. 

Last but not least, the statement belts will add extra style to your look when you have a cowboy hat. But make sure that you don’t opt-in for rodeo belts as that can appear blingy and make you appear out of place. These are some pointers that you need to keep in mind when you are styling your cowboy hat.