Under Clothing Corset or Shapewear on Shapellx

With all the innovative shapewear that manufacturers are making, some women cannot seem to move on as they still choose to wear a corset under their clothes. But most of their reasons involve the fear of going out of the box. 

However, there are more reasons that fashion can lay for them to choose these modern undergarments over the under-clothing corset of long ago. Besides, knowing the benefits of the shapewear can change the mind of those women who still settle for the former.

Gives you a healthy control.

While corsets are prominent for their powerful cinching ability on your waist, you cannot disregard that it is not often comfortable to use. Many women admit that using a corset under the clothes is challenging because you have to endure the tightness for a long time. 

As time went by, undergarments companies such as Shapellx created the best response for this problem as they considered making
best shapewear for women that will not make you feel like it squeezes you hard.  


AirSlim® 2-In-1 Peach Power Tummy Shaper

Offers beyond compression

Many still ask, “why is it best to choose shapewear over corset?” It is because shapewear does not limit its ability on compression. 

You are maybe one of those women who desire to achieve the hourglass figure but remember that the figure is not solely about the waistline. You need to enhance your hip and butt, something that shapewear can do that the corset would never.

This Shapellx
shapewear bodysuits offers an excellent lift on your butt and breast while giving a great compress to your waist.


CoreSculpt™ Firm Tummy Compression Bodysuit Shaper with Butt Lifter

With outstanding features

One good factor in deciding whether to go for shapewear or to settle on corsets is to think about their outstanding features. Which of them features high-end quality that is beneficial for your body? 

You can only think of one or two advantages from wearing a corset, but shapewear can roll out the long list of why you should go for it. 

Take it from their removable straps and adjustable hooks. From there, you can see how your body can adapt to your preference. You do not have to endure anymore.


CoreSculpt™ Tummy Control Body Shaper

For everyday use

Which from corsets and shapewear is better for everyday use? You can figure out the answer by considering the fabric, comfortability, features, and whatnot. 

Since you are deciding which of them you can use every day, you should look ahead and think about the tasks you will do. Imagine and ask yourself, “can I do this work smoothly with this piece?” You can look this article: shapewear before and after, to increase confidence.

An investment pieces

When it comes to investment, it is not always about the money. It is mainly about the quality. An undergarment may be more expensive than the other, but that does not make it not worth it. When you are going to choose between a corset and shapewear, think about its durability. Which one do you think would last long even after many usages? 

Shapewear promises you many things to move on from the corsets. A few of them is that it gives you a friendly control. It also offers excellent compression and does more. And most of all, they have outstanding features suitable for everyday use and can be a good investment piece.


AirSlim® High Waist Brief Panty