Wedding Dresses For plus Size Brides

Getting married is a dream of many girls out there. Everyone wants to good perfect on their big day but the real target seems to be tricky when there is a short or plus-size bride. Before moving further, let me ask you something. Is it necessary to be skinny and have zero figures to look good? Definitely no. Then why do people judge or think that plus-size brides can’t look good or as glamorous as the ones having zero figures? Don’t get me wrong. I m not telling that skinny or zero-figure girls don’t look good rather I am telling that it’s high time that people need to change their mentality and should start giving equal importance to plus-size figure women. Talking about the dream wedding, then I can say that with the right choice and selection of attire Wedding Dresses For plus Size Brides can look good, elegant, and gorgeous.

In this article, I have mentioned the top 8 wedding dresses that plus-size brides can refer to. let’s have a look at them-

  1. Full Sleeves Gown

 full sleeves gowns are extremely in demand when it comes to plus-size brides. Generally, it has been seen that, Wedding Dresses For plus Size Brides are conscious about their body fat, due to which they want less exposure. Demanding fewer exposure gowns does not mean compromising on looks. According to me, it does not matter what are you wearing until it doesn’t spoil your beauty. If you ask me, I would prefer all our plus-size brides to go for full sleeves wedding gowns as shown in the picture. It will not only give you full coverage but also enhances your look by giving you a classy and elegant look. You can go for any color which suits your skin tone but I would rather suggest you go for a dark color.

  1. Ball Gown 

 Another one on the list is the Ball gown, which is another favorite outfit for all plus-size brides. If you look at the traditional ball gown as shown in the figure, you will find that it looks quite awesome on the plus size brides. You can choose any material for the gown like- silk, velvet, or satin. It is known for giving you both traditional and elegant touches. It will help our brides to overcome the insecurity of looking fat by adding many edges to their look. So! In my opinion plus size, brides can easily refer to it if their wedding date is near.

  1. Tea Length wedding dress

another one in the cue is the tea length wedding dress which is extremely suitable for all plus size brides. Whether your wedding theme is vintage or modern theme, this dress will be suitable for all purposes. The fact that it is very easy to carry and wear than long gowns make it a go-to dress for all girls. Tea-length gowns make your leg look elongated which will give them that extra slimming effect and height. I suggest, you think about it if you’re wedding date is near.

  1. Saree 

coming to an Indian touch, the next one in the cue is the saree, which I think looks fabulous on all women. This all-purpose outfit has certain rules and tricks that need to be followed while draping it. For plus-size women, I would prefer them to select medium dark to dark colors (royal blue, purple, maroon, bottle green, etc.) which will help them to look slimmer than they are. Also, if possible avoid taking mixed shades as it won’t look good. Also, don’t go for larger prints and heavy borders as it will end up making you look much larger. Keep in mind that the ways you drape the saree mark a great impact on your overall look. So! The drape is elegant.

  1. Sheath dress

 if you are clueless about how to design yourself in a better way, then here I am for you with another great option. Plus-size brides the curvy body and large bust areas and wide hips can easily wear sheath dresses on their big day. It outlines or defines your body and makes you look elegant. I think there is not much dress which highlights your natural curves, and when you get one, you should not miss the chance of wearing it. Apart from that, your movement will be much smoother when you wear a sheath dress, and not just that, it gives a much more defined and beautiful look to our plus-size brides.

  1. Lehenga Saree

 Another one on the list is the mixture of saree and lehenga. Yes! It is quite a good option for brides who are confused between saree and lehenga, as it gives both attire look. For all plus-size brides out there, this can be your go-to outfit for the reason that it makes you look leaner than your normal size. Not only this, a lehenga saree looks just flattering on plus-size brides and you can wear it on all occasions. It will make you look elegant and smart. But as I said earlier, try to choose vibrant colors to get desirable results.

  1. Lehenga

every bride dreams of looking beautiful, royal, and elegant on their wedding day. This attire is something that they might be searching for. Lehenga could be your one-stop solution for all your queries. To all the plus-size brides out there, here introducing you to one of the royal outfits and go-to attire for most of the brides. Lehenga makes you look adorable, gorgeous, and classy on your big day. Not only this, it will make you look slimmer and taller than you are. I would suggest smartly choosing your color as shown in the figure.

  1. Floor-length Anarkali suits

Another one is the Anarkali suit which is another best outfit for plus-size girls. This might look weird to most of you to wear an Anarkali suit on your wedding day, but trust me there are embroidered suits that I think will look fabulous on our bride. Anarkali suits make brides look elegant, and classy and above all make them look slimmer if worn properly following all the guild lines related to length and color.

To all the plus-size brides, all I wanted to tell you is that you are no less than anyone. I hope that after reading this article, you might have an idea about what to purchase and what to purchase. I would suggest you make a list and finalize the things before heading towards final shopping. This will give you clarity on how what you have to buy. Also, you can buy a piece of decent jewelry to pair with your dress to enhance your look. 

Happy Wedding!