When Trucks Collide: Navigating Truck Accidents in St. Louis


The Trailnet 2022 Crash Report shares the top accident-prone zones in St. Louis County and City. A few areas include Halls Ferry, Jennings Station, West Florissant Avenue, and St. Charles Rock Road. The report states that most pedestrian accidents take place in and around the bus stops.

In April 2023, FOX2now reported that a business pickup truck collided with several parked cars in south St. Louis. The police shared that a white work truck hit a white Dodge sedan and a green Dodge pickup. The accident took place before 1:30 am and did not lead to any injuries.

But the white work truck driver got out of the vehicle and fled from the accident scene. Authorities are currently searching for the driver. Hence, no one knows whether the landscaping truck in the accident was stolen.

Such truck accidents have affected St. Louis residents over the years, and they hope the traffic violence will reduce in the future. In March 2023, St. Louis Public Radio reported that Mayor Tishaura Jones enacted a law to use $40 million for the American Rescue Plan Act funds. The law aims to reduce traffic mishaps by dedicating $3.5 million to improving safety in the city’s popular crash locations.

Navigating the Legal Path

In February 2023, AP News reported on Janae Edmondson, a teenage volleyball player who lost her legs in a crash. The report states that St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner is facing criticism for her inability to keep Daniel Riley, who was responsible for the crash, behind bars.

Joe Steiger, the business manager of the St. Louis Police Officers Association, mentioned that Janae Edmondson is not the only victim affected by Kim Gardner’s work. However, one can only hope that she is the last.

Facing a truck accident in St. Louis is a devastating experience. Regardless of the injuries and losses, it’s crucial to seek proper legal counsel promptly. A St. Louis truck accident lawyer plays an important role in helping accident victims obtain the desired compensation. From accident investigation to courtroom representation and negotiating with insurance companies, the lawyer advocates for the rights of the victims.

TorHoerman Law states that there can be multiple liable parties in truck accidents, which can complicate the claims. Victims should document all costs related to vehicle repairs, future treatments, medical bills, and lost income. Keeping detailed records handy enables the lawyer to build a strong case, presenting the court with a clear understanding of the losses incurred due to the truck accident and seeking appropriate compensation.

The settlement for a truck accident case in Missouri State can vary between $15,000 and several million dollars. The final settlement depends on multiple factors, such as the type of truck involved in the crash, the extent of damages caused, and the truck accident lawyer’s ability to identify the liable parties.

There is no standard legal formula for calculating damages related to pain and suffering. Every court has its criteria for determining the amount to be allocated for such damages.

Causes of Truck Accidents in St. Louis

In February 2023, the St. Louis Post Dispatch reported on Max Herrick, a retired school custodian who stopped near Harrisonville, Missouri, to help a woman whose car had overheated.

The mishap took place when a truck driver while sending a picture of hand sanitizer to his wife, drifted off the road and collided with the vehicles. The driver was unharmed, and both the woman and Max Herrick’s son recovered from their injuries.

According to the Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety, Herrick was one of 382 people who died in Missouri accidents caused by distracted truck drivers. 

Apart from distracted driving, other reasons for truck accidents in St. Louis include:

  • Improper Vehicle Maintenance

Truckers travel several miles daily with their vehicles. They have to withstand the daily wear and tear, infrequent maintenance, and harsh road conditions. A truck breaking down is inevitable.

Managing a truck failure is challenging. Hence, truckers are at a high risk of injury when there is poor vehicle maintenance.

  • Unfavorable Weather

Truck drivers face difficulty dealing with extreme weather conditions because of slower stopping speeds and heavy loads. When the driver has no control of the truck because of bad weather conditions, there’s a chance of jackknifing, flipping over, and hydroplaning.

  • Wrong Loading Technique

Warehouse workers should follow correct cargo-loading tactics to ensure truck safety. Most often than not, these rules get overlooked. Incorrect loading can make the truck malfunction due to overloading. In certain instances, it can lead to cargo flying out of a truck to the road.

Truck drivers in St. Louis should consider these factors to prevent crashes that can harm themselves and others.


One can take precautions, but the streets of St. Louis are prone to accidents. No one knows when they face an unfortunate truck or car crash. Pedestrians and truck drivers should exercise utmost caution. 

However, when faced with an accident, it’s wise to seek legal counsel from an expert personal injury lawyer. With their expertise, they will try to secure fair compensation for the victims and get the required justice.