Which subjects are needed to understand fashion business management?

Fashion Business Management courses are typically designed for students who aspire to take up entrepreneurial careers in the field of luxury and fashion. Across the globe, fashion business is a huge and diverse industry with management and marketing professionals standing together to flourish it. Here is a list of concepts that will give you an overview of MA fashion business and management subjects that are part of the course curriculum.

  • Fashion System Orientation − It provides applicable knowledge on accessories and lifestyle that are greatly influenced by social and cultural conditions.
  • Dynamics of Fashion Studio – Through this you will become aware of the latest figures and facts that are related to the most current aspects surrounding fashion development, merchandising, and production.
  • Cultural History of the Fashion Business – You will learn about uniqueness of the fashion industry and what makes it different from other fields of manufacturing, giving you an overall idea how a fashion business changes based on region.
  • Fashion Digital – Students will dive into the techniques employed to connect brands with potential customers through storytelling and strategy implementation.
  • Technical Design in Fashion – This will enable you to rely on your instincts when creating a garment has the right fit and size, conforming to industry standards and specifics.
  • Design Thinking – It includes the strategic, cognitive, and practical approaches that can be used to which develop design concepts.
  • Fashion Markets & Management – These are vital practices to promote fashion products and advertising brands to potential customers.
  • Retail Operations & E-Commerce − Centralized eCommerce solution are most needed by online retailers to enhance the success of their business on a larger platform.
  • Business Model Innovation – This is a highly supportive mechanism that can alter both an organisation’s value proposition to its consumers and its operating processes.
  • Fashion Textiles for Business – You will learn about the measures taken by textile manufacturers to advance of the apparel production cycle to generate fabrics of any kind.
  • Real World Marketing – Acquiring this knowledge can help you become a shopper, consumer and category expert. You get to transform existing knowledge into profitable outcomes suitable to support today’s retail. 
  • Accounting for Business − Accounting is the way keeps track of a business and its operations. You will be trained to analyse the business finances allowing owners to make better decisions.
  • Start Up Marketing – This teaches students to focus on goals that are critical to businesses, upfront, creating detailed documentations about the same.
  • Visual Merchandising – This includes the various ways to optimise the presentation of services and products to better highlight their benefits and features.
  • Fashion Branding & Styling – You will learn about the different techniques to deploy advertising online and social media, to attract audience with relevant personality and styles.
  • Legal Affairs in Fashion – In this you will study about the legal issues faced by the fashion industry.

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