3 Reasons Why You As a Retailer to Shift to Using Paper Retail Shopping Bags

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Are you considering refocusing your retail packaging strategy and looking for eco-friendly options to overtake the current packaging plan in the next half of the year 2021? It’s a great place to start your packaging journey and begin shifting from plastic bags to buying retail shopping bags. In order to make the transition, you may want to consider what are the various reasons that lure one to do so rather than stick to the previous packaging material. 

Here are the three reasons you should consider shifting to retail shopping bags: 

  • Plastic Bags Contaminate Food Sources

Are you in favor of banning plastic bags? If yes, then you too may argue that getting rid of plastic bags could help reduce the amount of plastic waste on the floor of the ocean. This could have major health benefits for both sea life and, in turn, human life as well. According to an EcoWatch publication’s reports on the amount of plastic that the oceans consume, it states that sea life tends to consume 24,000 tons of microscopic plastic each year. These partial fragments of plastic, such as grocery bags, tend to wash out the sea in areas such as Los Angeles. They contaminate the water and the entire food chain at the bottom of the sea. This contaminates the seafood that humans consume and causes major repercussions for us humans always. 

  • They Take About A 1000 Years to Decompose

Unlike all reusable retail shopping bags, plastic bags tend to take a lifetime to become biodegradable. The fact that they are lightweight can further allow them to be carried over long distances. They can cause severe environmental havoc for our planet. No matter where the plastic bag lands in its journey throughout the earth, it causes severe long-term damage to the environment’s ecosystem. It will remain till it degrades due to constant sunlight and other factors for thousands of years. The time frame isn’t the issue. The issue instead is the harm it causes in those thousands of years. 

  • They Can Be Extremely Hard to Recycle

One of the biggest reasons that plastic bags have become an ecological hazard is the way we humans deal with them. Even after knowing how much damage it causes, we reproduce it without fail – especially knowing that it doesn’t biodegrade. The multi-production of this without a recycling program can be extremely difficult. They are not easily sorted out at recycling facilities. In fact, they easily get stuck in the conveyor belts as well and end up jamming the equipment and delaying the process of sorting out the recyclable plastics. 

These reasons should be enough for one to begin changing up their packaging plans and buying bags for online shopping as well as relying on retail shopping bags. It is a great idea to begin to refocus your energies for positive change than stick to the original plans. This will send out clear messages of your brand considering going the route of eco-friendly packaging for products they avail at stores or online. 

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