Why Fashion Designers are Not Well Dressers

Fashion Designers

It’s an accepted fact that several fashion designers dress minimalistically or conservatively. If you know fashion, you know this question holds true for every designer. But have you ever wondered why fashion designers, known for creating flamboyant & bold apparel, almost always dress the simplest?

Quite often, the paparazzo catch these talented individuals dressed in the most generic of outfits and minimal accessories. The age of social media has made it worse. Not only does it make us wonder what goes inside the aesthetic minds of fashion designers but also makes us reconsider our flamboyant choices before we shop now.

So, without further ado, here are some of the most viable reasons behind the designers being the minimalists they are and keeping things generic.

They Are Designers Not Stylists

Showbiz is all about what we see. But the reality is far more different from the actual lives of these designers. We have been believing that designers are responsible for making their designer dresses and labels pop out of the crowd. But in reality, even a simple assembler needs a team of stylists, jewellers and several other associated professionals to look wholesome. 

It is the designers duty to fulfil the creativity criteria in terms of making comfortable clothing with a unique style. How these clothes are endorsed is completely up to the team.

The Tight Schedule

No top-notch designer is ever free to exponential improve their own styling game. There is always a rush to complete all the designs and make it stage perfect. Even after the clothing line is complete, they are fully packed with additional tasks like fittings, changes, approvals and seeking creative feedback from those who wear them. 

Hence, amidst this hullabaloo of creating & launching the best apparel to their clientele, dressing themselves up is nothing but an extra cumbersome task to their list. 

Exhaustions And Burn Outs

Creativity comes at a cost. Even after an event or an outfit is complete, the designers often get exhausted due to both mental as well as physical exertion. There exist creativity blocks, frequent burnt outs and other issues owing to their busy lifestyle. Hence, expecting a human being to be the best of themselves all the time is a bit of a drag.

Dressing As Per Their Type

These designers produce clothes for all body types and ranges. That doesn’t mean that their own designs are meant to suit their dressing game. Everyone has a comfort zone when it comes to dressing and a person whose entire life rotates around producing comfy and stylish clothes for everyone is not the one who would shed his own comfort just to fit into a particular style.

Simplicity Is The Key

Simplicity has always been the key mantra of people coming from the fashion domain. Even though a dress looks extravagant, on being noticed closely, its simplicity becomes apparent. Hence, we often see creative designers go for a simple attire, comfortable footwear and minimal accessories. The entire fashion industry is built on the idea of branding or rebranding comfortable and simple clothes into a trendy line of apparel. 

Dressing To Them Is A Job

Have you ever seen a computer geek carrying their gadgets around every time? The answer is no. The case of designers is similar. Dressing, to them, is just a part of their work-life and when they are on vacation, they tend to keep a low profile when it comes to their social life & outfits.

Liberty to choose what you want to wear is what makes fashion so great. At the end of the day, these designers are human beings and have all the rights to wear what they wish. Uniqueness lies in both simplicity & flamboyance.

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