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The kurti has become a staple piece of women in India. No matter what age you are, you can always rock a kurti. A kurti is a mixture of the classical western dress and the Indian “kameez”. Through the year, there have been different implementations of the basic kurti design and almost all of them look pretty amazing.


The best part about a kurti is the comfort that it brings with itself. This is perhaps one of the main reason why it has become the choice of clothing for almost every occasion for a large majority of the women. Not to forget that a kurti can be worn as a dress as well. Also, it can be teamed up with a pair of leggings, palazzos, jeggings, or jeans.

The combination of a kurti and jeans is trending among women. It kind of gives a modern and a more stylish look. You must have also seen Bollywood celebrities rock this look in real and reel life as well. This style suits both young and older women alike. This blog showcases a few new kurti designs for jeans.

10 Best Kurti With Jeans

  • Front Slit Kurti
  • Asymmetric Kurti With Jeans
  • Denim Kurti
  • Multi Slit Kurti
  • Simple Short Kurti
  • Wrinkle Crepe Top
  • Side Slit Kurti
  • Long Jacket Kurti
  • Traditional Kurti
  • Semi Sheer Kurti

Front Slit Kurti

This kurti design is a head turner. There is a slit that runs from the mid-section of the kurti till the end. The kurti itself flow till the ankles. The slit gives the kurti a cape-ish look from below the waistline which is perhaps the main selling point of it. You can team this kurti with a pair of blue jeans or leggings of your choice.


Asymmetric Kurti With Jeans

As the name suggests, this kurti style shows a bit of stylish asymmetry. The overall length of the kurti is short and has a tilted design from one side to the other. This kurti design is very popular among college girls and goes pretty well with a pair of black skinny jeans.


Denim Kurti

As the name suggests, this kurti looks like a traditional kurti but is made from denim fabric. For most of the part, it just looks like a normal kurti. The kurti flows till the knees and can be teamed up with a light blue jeans and shoes.


Multi Slit Kurti

This kurti has a party feel to it. There are multiple on this kurti all starting from the waist region till the end. A sleeveless design looks the best on slit kurtis. You can wear this kurti to a party and instantly you will become the centre of attraction. Rock this kurti with a 3/4th skinny jeans and sandals.


Simple Short Kurti

Plain kurti is an all-time favorite of many women. The design on the kurti is minimalistic and the length finishes just above the knees. This design is a favorite of many Bollywood celebrities. A pair of black or dark blue jeans looks the best with this one.


Wrinkle Crepe Top

This kurti design one of the most innovative ones and hence the preparation of this designs takes place in two parts. In the first part, the front part of the kurti is designed which flows till the waistline like a t-shirt. In the second part, the backside of the kurti is designed to look like a cape and flows below the knees. This kurti goes pretty well with almost any pair of jeans.


Side Slit Kurti

Side slit kurti is reminiscent of the side slit gown. This kurti has a slit on one side of it. The surface of the kurti is plain with minimalist yet beautiful needlework on the neck region. This kurti looks good with and without sleeves as well. However, a sleeveless design looks much more appealing. You can pair this kurti with a black or blue pair of skinny jeans.


Long Jacket Kurti

You can wear this as a kurti, as a dress, and a jacket as well. This kurti design has buttons running from top to bottom in the middle. You can tie them or leave them untied. You can wear this kurti with jeans, leggings, and jeggings as well. 


Traditional Kurti

This kurti is simple yet elegant and is perfect for a normal day at work. There is hardly any design on the surface but the back of the kurti is a tad bit longer than the front part. This kurti design is evergreen and suits women of all ages alike. Team this with a pair of light blue jeans.


Semi Sheer Kurti

This kurti is somewhat similar to the traditional kurti. The only difference is that it is a tad bit shorter than the traditional one. Also, this kurti is suitable for casual events only. The comfort level of this kurti on a whole new level. You can wear this kurti with any pair of jeans.


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