At-Home Manicure: Everything You Need

Everyone deserves a little pampering now and then, but when you think about the price you may have to pay, you take a step back. Likewise, manicures and pedicures were thought to be a thing of luxury, but not anymore. Having a salon-worthy manicure doesn’t have to mean spending a fortune on its services. So with the right equipment, you can achieve exceptional results from the comfort of your own home. And from nail buffers to nail dust collectors, here are some tools you’ll need for an at-home manicure:

File and Buffer

These are essential tools for shaping and smoothening your nails. A good-quality file will have different grits for filing and shaping, and a buffer will help to give your nails a smooth, glossy finish. So when selecting a file, look for one made of high-quality materials, such as glass or crystal, and the buffer should use gritty sandpaper. 

Cuticle Trimmer

A cuticle trimmer is used to push back and trim your cuticles. A good cuticle trimmer will have a sharp, pointed tip that can gently push back your cuticles and a straight edge for trimming. Remember, don’t go overboard with trimming the cuticle; you can easily damage them if you’re not careful. You can also go for cuticle nippers, but those are more professional and need more expertise. 


The most common tool found in almost every household is the nail clipper. A good pair of clippers will have sharp blades to make clean cuts. As such, it’s crucial to choose clippers that are the right size for your nails. Apart from the big one, you can buy a smaller one to create clean and precise cuts. 

Dust Collector

Nail dust collectors are unique devices that attach to your electric nail file and collect dust and debris when filing and buffing your nails. It is especially required when working with acrylic or gel nails, as the dust can harm you and the environment if inhaled. As such, there are a few different types of nail dust collectors available on the market, so you can choose according to your preference and budget. They typically attach to the end of your electric file and have a small fan that sucks in the dust as you work. Some models also come with a filter that helps remove any particles that may be harmful to inhale.

Base Coat and Top Coat + Nail Polish Remover

Before applying your nail paint, you need to prep it properly. A base coat is applied to protect the nails, while a top coat is applied afterwards to give them a nice sheen. Likewise, it’s important to use high-quality polishes, as cheaper polishes may easily chip, peel, or leave a stain on your nail. Also, keep a high-quality nail polish remover, one that is acetone-free so that it is gentle on your nails. 

Cuticle Oil/Cream

No pampering session is complete without moisturising. So, cuticle oil or cream is a great way to nourish and moisturise your cuticles. It can be applied after trimming the cuticles or as a part of your daily routine to keep them healthy and hydrated. And if you don’t have cuticle oil or cream, use a thick hand lotion or petroleum jelly instead.

Achieve Salon-Like Nails at Home

By having the right equipment, you’ll be able to achieve a salon-worthy manicure at home. And by taking good care of your tools, they will last longer and give you better results. But remember to always sanitise your tools before and after use to avoid infection or contamination. With a bit of practice and following the steps to a DIY manicure, you’ll be able to create beautiful, professional-looking nails without spending tons on nail services!