The 12 Different Types Of Shampoo: Which Type Is Right For You?

Hair plays a major role in defining women’s beauty. But! In our daily busy routine, we forget to take care of our hair. As a result due to excessive dirt and damage, our hair becomes less volume and damaged. 

To overcome our hair issues different kinds of shampoo are available in the market each having different properties and purposes. In this article, I have put 12 different types of shampoo along with their action. This will help you know which shampoo is the best for you. So! Let’s get started.

Clarifying shampoo for squeaky hair

Sebum, dirt, dust, and the use of different hair products tend to weigh down your hair which is not a good sign. To protect your hair from this problem a clarifying shampoo has been made that helps to clean your hair throughout by removing all the build-up products from your hair scalp. Fresh hair is liked by everyone and I have seen people struggling with a bad hair day and oily and greasy scalp which make their hair look bad. Therefore, women struggling with this can use clarifying shampoo along with conditioner as they are hard in nature.

Usage – one to twice a week.

Neutralizing shampoo

From the very start, we have studied the importance of PH and how important it is to have a correct PH. We often use different products on our hair, harsh chemicals, etc which eventually leads to an imbalance in the PH of our hair. Wrong hair PH can lead to damage to hair and if you are going through the same issue then you can use the neutralizing shampoo. It will gently clean your hair and will maintain your hair PH to 4.5. 

Usage- Apply 5 mins before washing and use twice a week.

Cheating shampoo 

Have you ever heard people saying that we should wash our hair with soft water? ? If yes then have you ever wondered the reason behind this? Well! As we know, hard water is not good for our hair as it contains harmful chemicals which on regular use get deposited on your hair scalps. Therefore,  to remove these you need something which will deeply clean your scalps and chelating shampoo does this for you

Usage-. Use twice a week.

Keratin shampoo 

Protein plays a very important role in the human body. Protein is important for growth and development. But do you know that protein is important for our hair too? Lack of protein leads to damaged hair, shunted growth, hair fall, and much more therefore to protect our hair we need protein which comes from keratin shampoo. They repair the damage, release frizzy hair, and help in the proper growth of our hair.

Usage- use for at least 3 months to see better results. 

Color protecting shampoo

In the present era, fashion is at its peak and every other person is in the race of looking good. Talking about hair, people color their hair with different colors which makes them look very attractive. But, with time these colors fade if not taken proper care of. So! To protect your hair color, you are advised to use color-protecting shampoo. They not only keep your hair color intact but also save you money. The good hair color-protecting shampoo contains ingredients like- bio-lipids, argon, sun-flower extract, algae, etc. 

Usage-  massage gently for two-three minutes before rinsing. 

Volumizing shampoo

Dull and volume-less hair is not liked by anyone. With daily exposure to dust and harmful rays, our hair loses its natural shine. Therefore applying volumizing shampoo will improve your weak hair strands, clear your scalp, increase the volume of your hair, turn your flat hairs to hydrated hairs, etc. They also fight hair breakage and imparts shine to your dull hair. 

Usage- apply gently onyour hair, and rinse with hot or cold water. 

Dry Shampoo   

You may have noticed that after three-four days from the day you wash your hair, layers of dust and grease get accumulated on hair scalps. As a result, your scalp gets greasy and oily. If in case you are not going to wash your hair but still want hair to look non-greasy then you can refer to dry shampoo. It is nothing but aerosol spray or a liquid powder that only application absorbs all grease or oil.

Usage- spray or spread it on your greasy scalpto get the desired results.

 Sulfate-Free Shampoo

The use of chemicals has become a major matter of concern as it is hampering the quality of your hair. Many shampoos that are there in the market contain sulfate which is harmful to your hair. They make your hair dry, damaged, dehydrated, and split your hair. To overcome this, you will need a sulfate-free shampoo. Using shampoo which is devoid of sulfate will keep your hair oil intact, improve texture, and keep your hair moisturized. 

Usage-  gently massage the shampoo on your scalp till it forms a lather and then washes it. 

 No-Poo Shampoo

All shampoos tend to form a lather when mixed with water. But, if you are comparing this with ordinary shampoo then you are wrong. They are free from all harmful chemicals like- sulfate, silicon, paraben, etc.  No-Poo shampoo forms no lather but deeply cleans your hair and keeps hair free from frizziness and maintains its softness. 

Usage- apply on your wet hair, massage, and rinse with cold water. 

Everyday Shampoo

Some people live in highly polluted areas where they need to wash their hair daily or are addicted to washing their hair. For such people I recommend them to use everyday shampoo. The best thing about them is that they are mild in nature and do not harm your hair but do the proper cleaning of your hair. 

Usage- apply the shampoo on your wet scalp and wash your hair. 

 2 – in – 1 Shampoo

There are days when you are very busy and you can’t wait for your conditioner to set. Therefore,  Two in one shampoo is highly recommended. This shampoo works both as a cleanser and conditioner. They are your real-time saver. 

Usage- wet your scalp, apply it and rinse it. 

Shampoo For Wigs

Nowadays many women wear wigs but only wearing wigs is not sufficient. You have to take proper care of them. Applying wigs care shampoo will keep your wigs in good condition and moisture them.

Usage- soak your wigs in the mixture of water and shampoo for 10-15 mins. Then wash it. Do not over-massage

Which Type Is Right For You?

While choosing the shampoo you should be very particular and choosy. No one knows better than you about the condition of your hair. You know how your hair is. Whether it is freezy, dry, split ends, etc you know better what your hair is needed. 

For example – 

  • If your hair is volume loss and fine then you should avoid using a moisturizing shampoo and switch to basic volumizing or clarifying shampoo.
  • If you are having frizzy or dry hair then you should not use shampoo having sulfate or other harmful chemicals rather switch on to moisturizing shampoo.
  • For natural hair, you can use two-in-one shampoo or keratin shampoo.
  • If you are dealing with more than one problem then you can use a combination of two shampoos to protect your hair. 

These are the list of different types of shampoo based on different hair problems. It is not possible to decide which shampoo is the best because each of them is different from one another in terms of their action. It is possible that one shampoo is better for one person and might not be better for another. So! It’s on you to know how your hair is,  what are its requirements, and based on that decide the right shampoo for yourself. 

Frequently asked questions

  • Can I wash my hair daily?

Yes. If you want you can wash your hair daily but you have to avoid using harsh shampoo as it can damage your hair rather than protect it. Try to use an everyday shampoo that is mild in nature.

  • Can I use two shampoos at a time? 

Yes. There is no harm in using two shampoos at a time. If you are dealing with multiple hair issues then you can combine two or more shampoos and apply them. 

  • My hair becomes oily after a few days of washing. Which shampoo shall I use?

Well! This is not a new problem. Many women suffer from this issue. Since your hair becomes greasy and oily you should start using dry shampoo which will act well on your hair. You should also avoid using a moisturizing shampoo.

  • Which shampoo is the best? 

Well! I can not tell you which shampoo is best. As chances are there that your hair issues might not be the ones that I am dealing with. So! If I am using some shampoo it might not be good for you.